That’s a lot of wine!

97,000 gallons spill from Rodney Strong into Russian River.

Good lord. I can’t even imagine the battle to contain it. Probably like that wine spill that went viral last year but that was just a valve. Poor Justin :frowning: As if the wine industry needs more bad news right now…

The Steelhead may run early this year [rofl.gif]

One way to water back, I suppose.

Seriously, a terrible accident for them.

Ha! My first thought was, man, those stealies are having a good time!

Rough math:

97,000 ga = 367,184 liters/9 = 40,798 cases lost.

No idea what COG is for juice alone, but retail/wholesale losses have to be multiple millions (not counting cleanup costs, fines by State/County, etc.)

Bad deal all the way around.

Think their insurance company is on Super F-ing Red Alert?

wait until the EPA nails them with their environmental impact fine. Will be more gut wrenching then the loss of wine

What EPA?


Barrels not Strong enough?

This. Doing business inCalifornia is risky always. Kill a fish…Do not pass go.