That "one last glass" at night....appreciation thread!

OK, hear me out on this one.

Wednesday was totally “one of those days” at work and required a bit of a deeper dive into my wine stash than usual. After enjoying a bottle with my SO, we were itching for that “one last glass” after the bottle was kicked. So, like any responsible wine lover, I cracked a bottle that was way to young…a 2014 Patricia Green Cellars Berserker Cuvee. It did the job but I knew right away it was probably a bad call…

or was it?

The beauty of this situation is the ~3/4 day the rest of the bottle got. Let’s just say Thursday after work was glorious.

So, here is my thread, dedicated to making the mistake of “one last glass”, but resulting in a perfectly slow-ox’d bottle, ready for after work the next day!

Happy Friday everyone.


Kinda a slight thread drift, but still very relevant to the OP.

I’m the king of the “just one more”, and that is yet another reason why I love my Coravin. I can scratch that late night itch without having to commit to opening a full bottle.

Now my famous last words have changed from “just one one more glass” to “just one more poke”. Which, IMHO, has a much better ring to it anyway :slight_smile:

This thread is one small step away from this:

Opening a bottle of wine that is not fully appreciated because the “senses are dulled.”

I am more likely to pop a bottle, have one glass, and finish the bottle over the following days.

I often end up with an unfinished bottle and, while I enjoy tasting the slow-O2 changes in a bottle, my neighbors end up killing the bottle for me!