Thanksgiving Pinot Noir. Help me decide

I have a choice of the following wines that I’d like to open for Thanksgiving:

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Which would you choose and why? FYI, we’re having a traditional turkey, with all the traditional trimmings.

P.S. to Todd… Posted exclusively on WB.


Gordon says to drink the Domaine Serene. [berserker.gif]

Without knowing (tasting) the ROAR, I would open the Shea first. Sheas tend to be big wines, and while delicious when young, I haven’t found that they age particularly well (I had some real problems with 2003, another big/ripe year). The Evenstadt Reserve could probably use more time to let the oak integrate.

We’ll be avoiding the whole “which Pinot to drink” dilemma by having a 2005 Brick House Gamay Noir.

not a PN fan to pair with bird & the trimmings. will likely have a mini PN taste-off Friday afternoon if the sun remains shining though.

Interesting thought Glenn…I also like pinots with turkey.
What do you like to match up with the bird?

Nice seeing you this past weekend! grouphug

Marshall [wink.gif]

If you like 'em a little bigger and riper, I’d probably go with the Shea Pommard '06. Had the '06 Roar a month ago, and still needs time.

No comment on D. Serene, but I really like the '05 Willamette vintage. Very pretty.

Marshall, also a pleasure to hang with you and your lovely bride - Mel & i had a blast this w/e! game rocked huh?

i am weather dependent for wine choices with the full Thanksgiving spread including gravy. if cold out and gravy brown i like cold weather Syrah, warm out and pale gravy i can prefer white wines with some age. if sweet potatos are really yams and candied then i’ll go Zin for some balance. i have generally found PN to be overrun by this meal though there are central coast and SLH versions i think could do well.

Pinot and Thanksgiving are like Peanut Butter & Jelly. I would have the Domaine Serene with dinner, the spicy undertones and balance are what I look for when pairing with the meal.

I will be opening a 2004 Scherrer High Slopes and a 1997 Skewis Montgomery Vineyard with dinner and a 2005 Kosta Browne Koplen before dinner.


[rofl.gif] [rofl.gif]
[dance-clap.gif] [dance-clap.gif]

For us, opening anything decent on Thanksgiving is a complete waste of good juice.

We have dinner with the Yellowtail crowd, so I’ll probably
bring something like Mark West or Castle Rock.

When we get home, however… [whistle.gif]

Since my name has been used already, I guess I’ll chime in. I have also had all three wines.

The 06 Roar is not ready to drink. We let it decant a full 2 hours and still not ready. I wasn’t impressed with this wine. It’s made in the Loring/KB mode of very ripe fruit and the alcohol was a bit high, but maybe it will have potential in a couple of years. I think this wine will struggle right now with traditional Thanksgiving food.

The 05 DS will do just fine. Decant at least a couple hours.

The 06 Shea Pommard is drinking nicely right now. Would start there then go to the DS.

Personally, I have a couple bottles of 04 Brickhouse Cuvee De Tonnelier picked out for the meal. For me my DS’s are a bit to big for Turkey and dressing.

had 06 Copain James Berry Roussanne - went great with this extremely varied, ritual meal and the NorCal sunshine.

FYI the 2008 Shea Pommard is amazing.

We had the 2007 Cambria Julia’s Vineyard PN which was surprisingly good.
I busted out a 2006 Sojourn Sangiocomo PN as the ringer. Man, this has really hit its stride now. I love Sojourn Pinots, and even for them, this was absolutely rocking from the moment I pulled the cork. It continued to evolve for 3 hours. flirtysmile