Thanksgiving Dinner Recipe Reccos ?

It turns out that we have some friends that are heading out to New Zealand for a couple of months and will miss Thanksgiving. A group of us, including the travelers, are doing a turkey this Sunday evening. Someone else is in charge of the turkey which leaves me for a side dish or dessert. I’m looking for recipe suggestions that would not be the typical dishes one would find at Thanksgiving. Some degree of difficulty is fine by me. The only issue is one of the hosts has a nut allergy. Any suggestions would be very helpful…Cheers, Gary

How about a wine friendly chanterelle cream soup?

Maybe you could offer a few favorite ingredients, then we can offer up some ideas for dishes. I adore buttercup squash; however, if you aren’t a fan, then a recipe would not be helpful.

Thank you for the suggestion Paul. That would fit beautifully with the meal. Need to find out if chanterelles can be found locally. Do you have a favorite recipe?

Jeff on the flip side additional ingredients off the list would be cheese and seafood. Anything veggie would fair game including buttercup squash. Are you thinking some kind of stuffing for the cups?

Thank you both for the suggestions thus far.

See this thread for lots of good ideas.

I heartily endorse Robert’s recipe for Mama’s Corn Pudding.

here’s a recipe for squash and chanterelles. Costco should have them.

Alternatively, my wife’s family traditionally does Clam Chowder on thanksgiving eve and Christmas eve. They used canned everything, so I honor their clam chowder tradition but make it myself and treat the toppings more like a chirashi bowl. Salmon Roe, Crab, smoked salmon, shrimp. It’s really stunning to fill a coffee cup with chowder, then pile on a cornucopia of seafood.

Found chanterelles today at a local farmers market. They were picked in Oregon and shipped to the vendor who produces a lot of different mushrooms locally. Will make the soup tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.

Well…I made the chanterelle soup and many thought is was great but I thought it was passable. I need to give it another try. The nice thing about the dinner is that some friends brought over a fire rescue bottle of 1964 Giscours Margaux to drink. It was in a cellar when the house burned to the ground. Surprisingly, this wine was a very nice aged Bordeaux that has just begun it’s downward slide. It held up to 1hr of drinking before it left us for the big decanter in the sky.

Thanks for the follow up. What felt lacking the soup?