Thanksgiving 2023

This is Italian.

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Kept it simple

Traditional turkey dinner here, with only a couple other wine drinkers. Went with 2022 Bedrock Lulu Rose, 2018 Peter Michael La Carriere Chardonnay, and 2018 Merry Edwards Meredith Estate Pinot Noir.

These were good. Everything else about the meal was kind of a disaster so hard to fully appreciate…


Did the wonderful Thanksgiving buffet at the Sanctuary on Kiawah Island…the wine selection is so tragic, and they don’t allow corkage, so we just had water. Post game so far hasn’t been too crazy, 2019 Bernard Moreau Chassagne-Montrachet Rouge, and a 2000 Urbina Rioja Seleccion Crianza. Found the 1999 at Costco for $18 a few years ago and cleared them out, then they fell off the radar locally. WineAccess had them a couple months ago for $20 after discount code and free shipping.

This Urbina is a great house wine in my opinion. The fruit tastes younger than it is, but with 23 years behind it there is some nice complexity. Great value for the price, and I think this is a good wine to try to people who aren’t sure if they like aged wines as it’s the vinous equivalent of wading into the aged wine kiddie pool.

We never have turkey because I truly don’t care for it and hubby doesn’t miss it (and kiddos don’t know any better!). We always have steak or a beef roast, and this year based on the enthusiasm here we tried Flannery’s – went with the Jorge. It was very delicious!

In addition to beef, we had the traditional (for our household) sides – Pommes Anna, maple bourbon carrots, and creamy braised brussels sprouts. This year I added a mushroom madeira cream sauce and braised pearl onions, both of which I think will be permanent additions to the roster!

For dessert, as always pecan pie, although for the first time we tried the recommended “Mama’s pecan pie”. I was worried it would not be sweet enough for my sweet tooth but it was quite sweet and the family loved it. We’ll use the same recipe again next year so thank you Robert for posting it! For the crust…pie crust is truly a challenge for me each year but I used the serious eats recipe and it was honestly far and away the best crust I’ve ever successfully made. I obviously have a loooong way to go on aesthetics but I was beyond pleased by the flavor and texture.

And, I also really don’t care for pumpkin pie and hubby always insists on purchasing a PP from Costco, which we throw most of away. This year I offered to make our family’s signature tarte tatin (although I cheated with store-bought puff pastry) and I think the tarte is another substitution which will become permanent.



Many of the dishes we eat were taught to me by my dad, who passed away this year. That said, I felt his presence while preparing all of the food, which was a great comfort.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with friends and family!


Beautiful tarte tatin! And we are adding maple bourbon carrots to our next thanksgiving menu!


Hey Margo, can you tell us a little about the creamy braised Brussels sprouts? Namely, do they become ‘creamy’ after they are braised?


Sure! Actually cream is the braising liquid. We use the recipe from All About Braising (Molly Stevens) but it looks like the recipe is actually available online here. It’s a real crowd-pleaser, in fact, my 10yo daughter just decided to have some of the leftovers for breakfast!

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Thank you so much! I hope the carrots go well next year!

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It all looks great, but the carrots got my attention :wine_glass:


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That is quite some age on that Alesia Pinot…how was it Rich?

Nothing crazy. My in-laws prefer cheap wine and put ice in any glass of wine that they are given.

Love this champagne. The Biale was drinking really well. The '18 Our Wines is very different than the '17.
Bigger fruit, I didn’t find it to be characteristic of the Franny Beck wines I have had in the past. Maybe just needs more time?


Our non traditional Thanksgiving. Caviar and champagne snack before a walk on the docks.

Then Flannery Jorge steak. We had a great day. Steak omelettes and sandwiches beat turkey leftovers every time.


That Krug shot belongs on their web site!

How was the 99 Magdelaine?

Went surprisingly well with always dull :turkey:.
Firing on all cylinders.


Fantastic. Blind, I’d have never guessed it was from an off vintage.

I didn’t take formal notes but it drank excellent. Cork disintegrated on opening but seal was fine, strained, let sit, then it sang. In a really good place, dark in the glass, lighter in body, dark cherry, forest floor, everything integrated and well-balanced. Just a lovely wine and went well with everything on the table. Did not give the impression it was on its way out anytime soon.

That was my last for that specific bottle but also still have a 07 Rhys Alpine laying down.

The Foillard Morgon was grumpy, closed I think. Hold this if you have it.

The Mousse rose champagne is pretty fruity, Meunier heavy. Tasted like it saw some oak but not sure. Enjoyable if you like PM champagne.

The Falkenstein Kabinett feinherb was fantastic.