Thanks to all who showed up bearing questions!

They were like warm muffins on a cold morning. You made me feel welcome. I like dat.

Not sure whether I’m “until” today or “through” today, but I’ll peek in and see if anyone’s come up with some new way to befuddle me. And always remember: you can lose 30 lbs a year just by giving up wine - but who’d WANT to???

Thank YOU! I haven’t asked any questions, but I’ve been lurking religiously.

Thanks for your very active participation, Terry. I know it was much appreciated even by those who did not ask you a question.


Thanks Terry. Enjoyed discussing wine with you as usual.

Thank you very much and PLEASE write another book (on wine!)…

You never responded to my question about ‘other’ wines, ie cool, off-the-beaten-track varieties. [cry.gif]

Thanks so much Terry!

Thank you SO much, Terry! You really did more than was anticipated here, but it is clear so many want to talk with you, and we appreciate all your time and efforts.

Thanks so much! flirtysmile

We could only be so lucky as to have further guests with your gift of glib. Very entertaining and thoughtful stuff Terry. Cheers!

Thank you for your time, very much appreciated your posts…