Thanks, Mr. H

I’ve been drinking your wines for 40 years now, and while there are always bottles that test me, I always enjoy the next opportunity and always order a Musar if I see it on a restaurant list. Thanks to you and your family for hanging on to this tradition in what are often the most difficult times. When I hear friends complain of challenges in the vineyard or distribution, I often think of the profound challenges that your family has faced over the years.

Hi David,
Thank you to have been a friend of Musar for so many years. I like your words “while there are always bottles that test me” because my wine is a permanent challenge to the brain.
I understand your concern about the wine market and share it as it is the war in Lebanon which pushed us to look for markets in the world as our market has almost disappeared. So that is life.
Hoping to see you one day in the USA or maybe in Lebanon,
With my best wishes,