Thanks for making something different.

I have been drinking Musar since the 1970s, having bought some 1974 or 75 reds at Frank Prial’s recommendation back then. I drank the last one of those in the late 1990s and it was superb. Recently, I have been drinking your white wines and I really I enjoy them, but I know nothing about them. Can you tell us something about them? What are the grapes? Anything special about the vinification. And by the way, keep your head down. It’s not like you’re making wine in the peaceful Napa Valley.

Here’s my note on the first Musar white I had. I’ve had a few more since, including one at the Bearserkerfest in Chicago, and I enjoyed them all.

  • 2000 Chateau Musar Blanc - Lebanon, Bekaa Valley (9/9/2011)
    I’ve had Musar Reds since Frank Prial introduced them to the US wine collector in the late 70s or early 80s, but this was my first Musar white. Why did I wait sio long? Bought off the list at Aureole for dinner. At first, I thought it was right on the edge of oxidation, but that blew off with air. I know that makes no sense, but my wife and I both noticed it. This wine got better and better as it got air and warmed up. It was reminiscent to me of a southern Rhone blend, with excellent meaty breadth and a strong mineral finish. There was a bit of petrol that my wife first noticed and then I found once she alerted me to look for it. It also reminded me a lot of the 1996 Sine Qua Non Omadhaun & Poltroon I had in May, but without the sweetness, more like “dry” honey. There was earthiness, and some white fruit, but this was not a fruit driven wine. The nose had a floral component mixed with some petrol. The color was golden, not yellow, probably due to the age. Serve this a bit warmer than your average white and give it a decant of 30 minutes or more. (90 pts.)

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Serge, as a follow up I know you like to serve your whites after the reds but I forget why. What is the reason?

Hi Paul,
The White Chateau Musar is my first Red Wine this is why you should serve it at Cellar temperature and not shilled. You could also decant it and drink it after 1 to 6 hours after.

Dear Jay,
Thank you for your description of the White Chateau Musar 2000. I wouldn’t have been able to do it in your own way. I would advise you to take any bottle of Chateau Musar White, open it in your room and drink every night before going to sleep a small mouthfull. The bottle will last 3 weeks and you will learn a new experience.

This is my note on the 1998. I need to look for the 2000 and try the mouthful every night!

Very interesting white blend (of obeideh and merwah grapes) that is reminiscent of a Rhone blend, and especially of Marsanne. Golden in color, there is a whiff of oxidization on the noseb and a hint too on the palate. But it is faint, almost like a back note. This not a fruity wine, but rather it is a bit rough, with mineral and dried fruit lurking, amidst an acidity that is close to being almost quite not enough. Now, all this is said tasting without food. With food, and especially with white fish baked in foil with lemon and onion, this was an especially nice match. A very interesting wine to try. (91 pts.)

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Hi Jim,
Thank you for your note about Chateau Musar White 1998. Can we use your description? As I am impressed by the way you described it but you could use it with foie gras, cheese and dessert and whatever you like with.

I would be delighted and honored for you to use it.