I want to sincerely thank all of you for your support! This has been an amazing day and everyone who has ordered has absolutely and drastically helped Paetra for our coming year. Berserker Day has really become our black Sunday! It’s such an amazing outlet for us to operate on the scale that we do, especially as a one man show without a tasting room. I thank you, my family thanks you! Thank you Todd for all of his work in putting this together.

I hope that you all visit anytime you’re here. Really, hit me up and please reach out with any questions. I’m always available.

I’ll keep the offers open until tomorrow night as I need to get home to sleep for an early bottling (of your Rose, Gewürztraminer, and Orange Riesling!)

Thanks again!

No, thank you, Bill! Looking forward to seeing you when I pick up my order. If you have any Pinot Blanc left, may need to grab some of that too.


Fired up to try your wines! Don’t worry I’ll look you up when in OR next.


Man I dig reading this! And thank you for the great offers [cheers.gif]

I would second everything Bill said (except for the part about bottling tomorrow).

Well said.

Thanks to you too. Really great offers on your awesome wines. The Berserker Cuvee was a very nice surprise on BD10.

We are going to have to come up and taste Bill. OR Gewurtz huh?

Bill - the problem is, when you have cool wines people are going to want to taste them. Looking forward to delivery. Best of luck going forward.

I am very curious as to how these will taste. Looking forward to them with high anticipation.