Thank-you gifts to winemakers

I’m going to Burgundy in a couple of weeks and have been lucky to secure several great appointments. Since the tastings are free and the wine cannot be bought at the domaine, I heard that it’s a good gesture to bring a small gift to the winemaker. And while I am fully in support of such idea, I’m quite clueless what to bring from the States to Burgundy as a thank-you gift. Or maybe it’s something I can get while in France?

Any advice is super appreciated.

Welcome to the board. This thread helps.

I do it once in a while but not always. I have given wine (for example, Champagne to a producer who I understand likes Champagne), UNC caps (to an American in Burgundy who went to UNC), a dook cap (to an American in Burgundy who roots for dook) and barbeque sauce (to an American in Burgundy from the south who I thought would be interested in something like this).

Where possible, try to visit places where you have had a lot of experience with the producer’s wines. Helps you conversation with the producer if you can point to specific experience (esp. positive) with their wines. I don’t do this always - I try to have a mix of producers I really love (believe me, having met the producer and tasted in his cellars adds five points or more to every wine you will taste from them for the rest of your life) and producers newer to me to learn something. Some of these (Chandon des Briailles is a great example) later become wineries I buy a lot from.

Also, I always post about my visit. At the very least, I can give publicity to the people who have been so nice to me. I also always email each producer after the visit thanking them for the visit.

This is super helpful, thank you!