Texans, where do you buy wine?

Massive disappointment to learn that I won’t be able to buy from my favorite retailers once I move since Texas is apparently ass-backwards. So just where can I buy the wine I actually want?

Where are you located in Texas? EL Paso is closer to Los Angeles than it is to Beaumont

I’ll be in Dallas.

Winery direct is never a problem. As far as local retailers go you’ve got Total Wine and Specs when you need a big box store and there are a few great local shops as well. Dallas Fine Wine has been particularly good to our wine group when it comes to making specialty orders and Sigel’s carries several WB favorites (Kutch, Loring, Bedrock, etc.)

Please pick up the phone and/or PM someone who can give helpful info.

It’s simple - you’re hosed. neener

Welcome to Texas! [cheers.gif]

Mailing lists, Total Wine, JJBuckley, and a few other options you’ll need to PM folks on. There are some good wine shops in Dallas, but I’ve found them to be expensive.

PM sent.

I think JJ Buckley is one that definitely will not ship to TX due to cease and desist letters it received. Perhaps that has changed.

I haven’t been there in forever, but back in the day, the Austin Wine Merchant kept their store so cold in the summertime that you would have been well-advised to have brought a sweater with you.

Mailing lists.

Pogos has a pretty good selection. Prices aren’t that great. But, they have some decent sales that bring prices down to competitive levels.

Ryan, they’ve started shipping from their Houston warehouse. I order from them regularly.

Great to know. I’ll have to revisit.

Thanks for the info. I suppose I should have phrased my question better as in what Texas retailers are the best, especially for Rhone and Champagne?

Jeb, you’ll be fine on domestics - just order directly from the winery. For non-domestic, therein lies the problem. You’ll have to shop limited selections from retailers that warehouse wine in TX. Wine.com (generally sucks, but you occasionally find deals with coupons) and JJBuckley (better, but limited TX warehoused inventory) are the only two I’ve found.

Pogos has decent selection at somewhat elevated prices.
Total Wine and Specs are ok - a few Nice bordeaux at high prices.
Le Cave and Graileys have some older stuff you can get at a premium.
Wines from wineries - no problem. Pulling wines in from r/etailers is against the law.

The illegality isn’t on the person ordering, it’s on the shipper who’s shipping into the state if they don’t have a winery permit.

Wait until you find out about Texas corkage laws…
Ok if a restaurant has a beer & wine license.
But illegal if they have a full hard liquor license.
My Texas friends buy most of their wine in Napa, direct.

But the big restaurants do have a great deal for you. They will offer you a personal locker at the restaurant, for your use only. You can stock it by buying wine from them at a small discount off their wine list prices. A small discount after a 300% markup is hardly a deal. But you do get to order off your own wine list later. Some of these lockers are temp controlled, but not all.

Houston Wine Merchant in Houston. They are good for special orders.


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