Test your knowledge of Burgundy - Fun

I did not do as well as I had hoped


I might be able to get a passing grade on one for bdx. Maybe. No chance with burg.

Did rather well, but for whatever reason I absolutely couldn’t order the CdB villages from North to South… even funnier the CdN was no problem

I passed, but only at 80%.

72% meh

84%. I’m embarrassed.

This is part of my job. I wish it was a bigger part and maybe then I would have done better. Maybe I’ll fly over next week… oh, wait.

Dan Kravitz

Harrumph. Doesn’t work on my mobile device.

Will try later.

I’m lame. 52%. Oh well, at least I still enjoy drinking burgundy!

76%… just… by the skin…

Same. But I would have failed for sure.

84% as well. I read harvest dates as EARLIER, not later.

It’s a fun quiz, though there are some questionable questions:

  • the idea that the use of wild yeasts and old oak barrels is “relatively standard” is very naive
  • use of cold soaks, shorter macerations and more pump-overs are hardly a “direct” result of climate change but rather a human response to it (nor is there really a winemaking consensus in Burgundy on these subjects)
  • their definition of a “climat” is actually the definition of a lieu-dit

Yeah, that one annoyed me. I got @55%, mostly due to not knowing the lesser knowing appellations too well.

Did it over lunchtime on my phone. Got 72%, which I am not too upset by, given that Burgundy is not my specialty.

I did terribly. What fun!

(I’m serious, I embrace failure.)

It was a learning experience!


A lot of geographically related questions and I geek out on those.

Yeah the climat question raised my eyebrow. Picked it as closest answer.

I knew the answer was bogus. Named place by translation is lieu dit, Thanks for the correction. learned something from this quiz! My grade was not very good however. Ordering all those places north to south is a killer!