Terry Thiese: Is the 1999 Hiedler Weissburgunder Maximum over the hill?

I opened a bottle of this a few months ago and it was disappointing. I’m hoping it was a bad bottle. I’m taking another one for this week at a Thai restaurant in Las Vegas, because the sweetness from the boytritis will pair with spicy food. Did I have a bad bottle or is this over the hill? I thought thiw as a good vintage in Austria.

1999 Hiedler Weissburgunder Maximum - Austria, Niederösterreich, Kamptal (10/12/2010)
Almost a nice wine. It’s out of balance with the sweetness. Glenn described it as off dry and I immediately defended it, saying it was from the fruitiness. Then Catherine, a non-week geek, chimed in it was sweet and I had to concede it was from RS. Glenn also detected the boytritis. I was initially ascribing that to the creaminess from being oaked. There’s some fainter citrus flavors and maybe a streak of smokiness in the mid palate, but they seem to be fading and are overwhelmed by the sweetness. The mouthfeel is great. I’m not sure what this will pair with. Maybe mildly spicy sausage. A Terry Thiese import.

For what it’s worth, the '97 was still going strong in September 2010.

On paper it should still be wonderful. These wines go 25 years easy. I wouldn’t think of it with Thai food in the least, though. (BTW, are you talking about Lotus?) I’d have it with something along the lines of a corn and scallop chowder.

Thanks, Terry. The bottle I opened was sweet, That was about all it was, so that bottle would have done well with something mildly spicy.
Lotus of Siam is Friday night. I’m bringing a 1989 Bollig Lehnert and a 1983 spatlese for that. Thursday night is Komol, same shopping center as LOS.