Terry I need Vilmart

So now that you are a “local” perhaps we can some decent stocks of Vilmart at some retailers here. I am down to my last Grand Cellier and forget about finding the other stuff.

Who in MA stocks Vilmart.


Bob K.

I need you to have Vilmart! Ask at Marty’s (Newton); talk to Tom, Peter or Rick, either in person (always more effective) or by phone at 617 332 1230

Ya Bob. You had to ask Terry to tell you to call me?
I lol’d

How about for us Left Coasters?

You rang? [bow.gif]

Well every time I visit the store I have yet to see Vilmart. I see Peters, Gimmonnet, Chiquet but no Vilmart…what is it…special order. [pillow-fight.gif]

The bottles are too wide to fit on those racks, so we have Vilmart with the magnums.

Hey Terry is the Cuvee’ Rubis made by saignee’ or blending? I can’t find reference to it on Skurnik’s website.

Ha, now that I know where they are keep hiding them. Please let me know what you have when you have time.

Saignée, bay-bee.

We drank two of them for NYE. It’s my wife’s new fave.