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Terrien Wines began while I was at Hanzell and for the first three years (‘07, ‘08 ‘09) it was 100% Hanzell grapes until I was 100% not working there anymore. I’m still not working there but boy these vintages are still working for me!

PURCHASE NOW The offer: Twelve bottles: two bottles each 07 08 09 | 12 13 14 starting at $20/bottle free shipping (NOSHIP to DE UT AL MI MI KY)

These wines age very very well, needless to say, and so I held back about a pallet of each, figuring I’d come back to them at some point. You’ll see that they are coming along nicely and have beaucoup gettyup to go. Malo and oak are restrained and acidity is up in the 7g/L range with Alc. 13-14%. In non technical terms, they have the right stuff.

When Hanzell ceased to be the source, I called on the Sangiacomo familly, whose Sonoma Chardonnay I had first worked with 24 years ago. I asked Steve for an Old Wente block in Kiser Vineyard, which is tucked in behind that pasture where draft horses graze, on the right of 116 as you head out to Petaluma. How’s that for an address?

I make the wine exactly the same, applying what I appreciated about Bob’s approach at Hanzell: crush the clusters, soak the fruit for a day, press to tank, ferment cool, suppress malo, rack to barrel after 6 months, élevage for one year. It’s burgundy backwards and it works with this sunny Sonoma fruit because it restrains and suppresses. The young wine is citric and tight. The aged wine is brioche, white flowers, honey, almond.

DYNAMIC PRICING starts at $20/bottle. This means the price changes, just like hotels and airplanes. A bunch of you berserkers test drove the code for this last year which led to Bêcheur.

Great wines. I love the Pinots with an unhealthy passion, too.

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I’m being prompted for a password.

I am a BIG fan, but same here… asking for a password…?

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I have a password and it is not being accepted.

I have a password and it is not being accepted.

Same issue, but I do not have a password to begin with…:slight_smile: Wait- I do have one from last year, according to an email. not sure if it works; the page doesn’t want to load…

EDIT: All good now!

Working now.

Yep. It remembered my pw and order went through.

Crushed a case of Terrien wines since last BD11.

Stupid good and at this price…


PS these are really great Chards! I first had the 2007 some years ago and it blew me away even then. Still developing.

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In for a case!

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GREAT stuff. I love that this a case of older vintages.

I have tried older vintages of Michael’s chardonnays, and they are excellent.

VERY easy buy: In for a case.

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I just jumped in. Wish I had noticed this yesterday, but still seems like a great deal at $25 per bottle.

Thanks Ron - A year ago the 2012 was $25 per glass at Benno in NYC and I’m very happy to have you try this vintage and the others at a pretty good price!

I will try not to let that cloud my judgment of the wines! :slight_smile:

Seriously, I have heard great things about your wines, and I really like many whites with a bit of age on them, so this is the perfect way to try!

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would love to order, but one needs a password?

am also interested in the mourvedre on the other site as well

No password necessary Joseph. An account will be created for you post-purchase. You’ll want to login to your account in the future to apply the credit you’ll be issued at the end (equaling your price minus average price).

Thought I was done with BD buys. Cracked and went in for a case. :grin:

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Nice job, Michael.

The warden and I have evaporated a case of your chardonnay since last BD.

Well done.

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