Termites in a wine cellar?

A customer asked me…whay say you?

Do you know about fumigating in a wine cellar for termites? Is there danger to the wine?

I sure as hell wouldn’t want to fumigate my cellar. I would explore every other option first and even as a last resort, I would have to think really long and hard on introducing a persistent agent into such a vulnerable area.

You don’t fumigate to kill termites. You have to drill down into the soil and spread termicides. I would not want to run the risk of adding agents with lomg lives of 5 years or so into my wine controlled area. Have them call a professional for alternative solutions.

If you have a bunch of aussie wines, you sure don’t want termites in your cellar!! [wink.gif]

You crazy guys…I ask a serious question and you only like to have fun!

Next, I will be hearing rumors and other fun stuff!

Jack hit the nail on the head. You treat the grounds around a home for termites. he should be ok without doing anything beyond calling a pro.


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Please stop coming into this thread and giving answers. It’s really annoying. neener

is your customer local? It’s true that around here termites are generally treated by base/group treatments. However, I think because of different species, in West they mostly use tenting.

Not around here - our termites are airborne, and they get in the woodwork and have a great ol’ time. Only certain species of termites are treatable in the ground - here, they have to be fumigated or you have to use orange oil

Not always true, see this link: http://www.alflexexterminators.com/drywood.htm" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;


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Guarantee that this takes care of the problem…

the solution is simple - invite friends over to move the wine out, and crack open a few bottles to pay them back. Then, have it fumigated, and have a few friends over to help move them back in, and open a couple bottles to celebrate!


Very helpful

I usually fumagate when my friends are over. Kill two birds with one stone. [berserker.gif]