Termite Tenting and Wine Storage

Unfortunately, we discovered drywood termites in the covered garage. A termite company will do a visual inspection tomorrow.

I have a temperature controlled wine cabinet. Is it safe to leave the wine in place while the tenting is done? Or do I have to remove?

Any info would be appreciated. Mahalo.

I removed when I went through this.

PITA. But worth it, only in that psychologically I couldn’t wrap my head around the idea that the wines wouldn’t be affected or tainted.

The company assured me that chemicals couldn’t sleep through foil and cork. But I dreaded the thought of having creepy doubts every time I opened up a bottle.

Probably illogical, but that’s my story/advice.

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If it is inside a sealed wine cabinet, I would imagine not an issue.

The poison would have to get through your cabinet and the the seal and then the cork.

Being slightly OCD, I would recommend taking the condom approach:

“Wrap you cabinet” and do it that way.

Some nice impermeable cover, wrap or double wrap, seal the crap out of it, and relax! [cheers.gif]

Call it reverse tenting.

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Relax !
Have you thought of spot treatment ?

I wouldn’t take any chances. The treatment penetrates wood and cork is tree bark. PITA but best to be sure. We’ve done this thread before . . .

I agree.
I would think about it each AND every time I popped a bottle. These poisons were designed to crack through wood, much less cork. Regarding capsules, I have many wines with capsules that have tiny, manufactured holes on the top.
Once again, I don’t think it’s worth the ‘thoughts’.

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Remind us of this if you post in Commerce Corner.

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See post #4;Talk to your termite person .
I did it last year & seems to have worked .

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Think of it as unscheduled inventory.

I would move them. I found dry wood termites in a small and contained area of my house. Doing the spot treatment for now, but I will definitely move the bottles if I tent, not worth the worry about opening a bottle. See it this way: you can have a moving party with a few buddies and use the occasion to drink a few good bottles with them!


When I went through this a few years ago I was assured the wine would be fine. I packed it all up and took it to a storage faculty for 3 days any way

I would take them to temporary storage while the treatment is being done just for peace of mind. I know I would be thinking about it every time I opened a bottle.

If the cabinet is wooden, check for termite damage.

gets pretty hot inside a house tented for days . . .

And a tented cabinet. I wouldn’t worry too much personally, but if I did, I wouldn’t tent the cabinet, or if I did, I’d leave the cooling unit uncovered. It needs to vent.

Much ado about NADA :

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Yeah, sure…Since Driskel Fumigation states it so, everything is good.

We tented 6 or 7 years ago. I had a lot of wine in a cooler in the garage and, maybe, 50 or 60 bottles in a rack under a staircase off the living room. I just left them all there and had no problem.

Do you have to turn power off while tented?

that you know of. Who knows what toxins persist in the wine—it’s an unknown . . .