tercero wines - Something for Everyone!

I am ecstatic to be taking part in this year’s BerserkerDay events once again – as I have done since the first one way back in 2012!

I dig this community and am honored to be a part of it. It’s ‘challenging’ to be an active winemaker on the board, but, to me, the pluses far outweigh the ‘risks’ of being on here. I have met many of you at wine events, in my tasting room, or just out and about - and it’s always so much fun to put a face with a name and ‘online profile’. My challenge, in all honesty, is simply getting folks to give my wines a shot.

2015 marked my 10th vintage making tercero wines. This is truly a ‘journey’ for me, and my wines are reflective of that. I am not dogmatic in how I make my wines, but instead, pragmatic. My ‘style’ is still evolving, and based on the responses I continue to get, it’s resonating with more and more folks . . . including many who have not tried my wines in awhile.

I’ve put together 4 different packs in hopes of getting more of you out there to try my wines for the first time – and to get those that have already done so to try something different perhaps.

I make over a dozen wines a year so to truly do a ‘sampling’ is challenging. And all of these wines listed are current releases, even though the reds are from the 2010 vintage for the most part. I age my reds in older French oak barrels for 28-34 months, and I do not rack them, meaning the wines are left in barrel for their lives and are simply topped and SO2 is added.

You can find notes on many of wines here on WB and also on CellarTracker. I do not usually submit my wines for review – I used to but just don’t feel it does much for me and my brand.

The 3 pack of Les Deux Comtes is, in effect, getting ‘2 for 1’ as this is a joint venture between myself and John Cabot from Cabot Vineyards. It’s a blend of 50% Humboldt County wine and 50% Santa Barbara County wine. It’s from the 2009 vintage and was in older French oak barrels before bottling back in the Spring of 2012. It was not released immediately, but instead given more bottle aging. It’s a wine that is drinking well now but still has plenty of upside potential.

And please note that this will be a busy day for me. In addition to it being Berserkerday, it is my daughter Davis’s birthday! AND I am taking part in a tasting in LA that will keep me occupied much of the day. Soooo – if I don’t get back to you immediately, please be patient and I will do so during breaks in the action.

I prefer not to substitute anything in these packs . . . BUT true to my way of doing things, if you truly honestly MUST do a sub here or there, I’m usually going to be amenable. Best thing to do is to place your order first and then send me an email with any requests and I will get back in touch when I can.

Last but not least, you will see that you are being charged shipping for your purchases. To have these charges removed, use the promo shipme at checkout.

Happy Shopping!!!

BerserkerDay Special 1 – Whites
2 each of my 2013 Grenache Blanc, 2013 Viognier, 2013 Roussanne
Normal Retail = $150 + tax and shipping = approx… $180
Special Price - $120 including tax and shipping - approx… 35% discount

Berserkerday Special 2 – Reds
2 each of my 2010 Larner Grenache, 2010 Verbiage Rouge, 2010 Larner Syrah
Normal Retail = $210 + tax and shipping = approx. $260
Special Price = $160 including tax and shipping

BerserkerDay Special 3 – Les Deux Comtes
3 bottles of the 09 LDC
Normal retail = 150 + tax and shipping = approx. 180
Special Price = 120 including tax and shipping
BerserkerDay Special 4 – Big Sampler
2 each of 2013 Grenache Blanc, 2013 Viogner, 2013 Roussanne, 2010 Larner Grenache, 2010 Larner Syrah, 2009 Les Deux Comtes
Normal retail = 390 + tax and shipping = approx. 460
Special Price = $300 including tax and shipping

And we’re off, folks! Feel free to reach out if you have any questions whatsoever! And Viva BerserkerDay - on the eve of Berserkerday, that is :slight_smile:


Just tried to order the reds, did not see anywhere for a promo code. Probably me being dumb, which page is it on please


I had to look for it also, but it is SHIPME to remove the shipping. You do it on step-1.

In for the Whites

No need to put in a code for the wines themselves - it’s already in thete. Just shipment to have shipping removed . . .or I will do before I process the cards :slight_smile:

Thanks for the great response thus far - hope there’s some left for everyone else tomorrow!

My first foray into Tercero Wines. Going BIG

Woo Hoo! Thanks all - keep em coming - and let me know what questions you may have as well!


I’m in for 2 of the red 6-packs.

Thanks Larry!!

Buy these wines!

In for the Whites!

More money down the toilet. At least Larry was nice enough to offer bargain whites so I can refill my limited white wine collection and still have some money left. My wife actually said to me on Sunday that we don’t have a lot of white wine so we need to get some more! I burst out laughing right in the middle of the Sojourn tasting and said that had just completed the descent into Dante’s final level of hell, since she had just announced that 272 bottles was “not a lot.”

You guys are all too nice - and too funny! As I said in the header, I’m hopeful that there’s something here for everyone - including New Yawkers who need to refill their white wine stockpiles with something other than SQN :slight_smile:

Larry-Maybe I missed it (thought it was supposed to be listed with offers) but what are the states where you ship?

Curt Wood

Order in. Another easy BD buy.

As I side note I was reviewing my notes on Tercero wines enjoyed this year and ran across the bottle of '09 Les Deux Comtes that I drank half of, “recorked” (retwisted…?) and then forgot about on my counter for 4 days. Once I remembered it I opened it up expecting it to be on the downhill side. Not at all, if anything is was improved from the first night, much more open and expressive. Do yourself a favor and pick up the 3 pack.

Thanks for all of the WB love thus far - I’m happy and amazed :slight_smile:

Curt, PM me where you are and I’ll let you know if I can get wines to you. I can ship to most states at this time.



Looks like you PM’d me but then deleted it . . .

In for one white pack. We were really pleased with all the whites we tasted when we visited in December!

Another in for the whites. Seem to remember the Grenache Blanc was a killer, so glad to partake.

Since I’m long on reds and short on whites, I went for the Whites when I got the email this morning. Love just about everything from tercero (and Cabot). Good juice, good prices and awesome personal service.