tercero wines - LAST DAY FOLKS (and it's my Birthday) :-)

Berserkerday remains a very important day to me and tercero both personally and professionally.

On a professional note, I continue to be a passionate and active supporter of wineberserkers, the wineberserker community, and the ‘ethos’ of this community as well. I’ve been here from the start – both as a contributing member of the community and someone who hopefully helps add something to many of the discussions on this board. I love the sense of community here – and hope that the feeling is mutual for at least some of you. I always enjoy the interaction on the board - and even more so when I see folks in person, at me tasting room or at Falltacular or at offlines. I’m bummed more winemakers don’t take part here - but to me, it’s their loss and my gain [snort.gif]

On a personal level, Berserkerday falls on the birthday of my oldest child, Davis, who will turn 19 this year. They (Davis is gender fluid) now resides up in Portland and is a ‘living ad’ for ‘Portlandia’ – she is a vegan, roller-derby, gender-fluid individual loving the ‘openness’ of the Portland community – and I could not be more proud of humbled about the true individual they have become.

Okay – enough of this other stuff – now on to the offers! Based on last year, I’ve decided to offer a couple of different packages, so hopefully there’s something for everyone:

2017 Mourvedre Rose Futures – 6 Pack
This was by far my most popular package last year, and I truly and honestly hope everyone who purchased it enjoyed the wines. I am very proud of this wine, and I can tell you that the 2017 is already showing the explosive aromatics of the 2016, the same salmon color, and a touch more acidity. (And in case you are interested, here is what William Kelley, previously of Decanter and now at WA and an active member of this forum, had to say about my 2016 (tied for highest rated CA Rose alongside Jamie Kutch): http://www.decanter.com/wine-reviews/usa/california/tercero-santa-barbara-county-mourvedre-rose-2016-12910

This is a wine that you’ll want to have at least 6 bottles of – you’ll want to open a bottle a month for 6 months – and then realize you need more In all honesty, the best bottle of my 2016 that I’ve had was opened yesterday – seriously! You’ll receive 6 bottles of my 2017 Mourvedre Rose – scheduled to bottle in mid-March – and I’ll ship them to you, weather-permitting, sometime in the last two weeks of March. You’ll receive a 33% discount and discounted shipping, and your total cost is $150 all in.

Click Here: https://www.tercerowines.com/white-wines/details?item=bdix-2017-mouvedre-futures-6-pack

2016/7 Mourvedre Rose Pack (only 20 packs available) ONLY 3 LEFT
For those of you who tried my 2016 and want more, and for those who did not and want to compare/contrast with the new release, here’s your opportunity! You’ll receive 6 bottles each of the 2016 and 2017 Roses and receive a 35% discount and discounted shipping. Your total cost for this case is only $280 all in.

Click Here: https://www.tercerowines.com/white-wines/details?item=bdix-2016-7-mourvedre-pack

2016 Mourvedre Rose Magnum 2 Pack (only 10 packs available) ONLY 1 LEFT! SOLD OUT
I made a limited number of hand-bottled, screw cap magnums of my 2016 Mourvedre Rose that I still have available. The majority of these have been used as donations for worthy causes both locally – Thomas Fund, Stoneking Fund – and nationally - Red Cross, Share Our Strength. I have a small supply left and you can have a pair – but you’ve gotta act quick! You’ll receive 2 Magnums and I’ll give you a 40% discount and discounted shipping and your all in cost is only $110.

Click Here: https://www.tercerowines.com/white-wines/details?item=bdix-2016-mourvedre-rose-magnum-2-pack

2011 Red Horizontal Sampler
Many of you know that I make a lot of different wines, but few of you have a chance to try a broad selection of them – so here goes! For this sampler, you’ll receive a single bottle each of 6 different wines from the 2011 vintage, one of my favorites to date for rhone variety wines in my area. You’ll get a bottle each of 2 different single vineyard syrahs – Larner Vineyard and White Hawk Vineyard – a bottle of my very limited 2011 Petite Sirah (only 25 cases produced), and then a bottle each of 3 blends – 2011 Verbiage Rouge (Grenache-based blend), 2011 The Climb (syrah/PS blend) and 2011 Cuvee Loco (Grenache/Mourvedre/Syrah from the Larner Vineyard). You’ll receive a 33% discount and discounted shipping, bringing your cost down to $190 all in.

Click Here: https://www.tercerowines.com/red-wines/detail?item=bdix-2011-red-horizontal-6-pack

White Sampler
Here’s an opportunity to try 6 of my current release white wines and receive a great deal as well You’ll receive one each of the following 6 wines – 2013 Viognier (White Hawk), 2013 Roussanne (Zaca Mesa, Camp 4), 2014 Grenache Blanc (El Camino Real, Camp 4), 2014 Albarino (C5), 2014 The Outlier (White Hills – final release), and 2014 Verbiage Blanc (Roussanne/Vio/GB blend). You’ll receive a 33% discount and discounted shipping and your cost all in is $150.

Click Here: https://www.tercerowines.com/white-wines/details?item=bdix-white-sampler

Something Old / Something New (only 20 packs available) aka Mixed Bag . . .
Here’s a fun way to try a wide variety of my tercero wines, including some library wines that I have limited supplies of. This six pack includes a single bottle of each of the following: 2010 The Climb (Syrah/Petite Sirah blend), 2010 Cuvee Loco (Grenache blend, all Larner Vineyard fruit), 2014 Verbiage Blanc (Roussanne blend), 2014 Grenache Blanc, 2016 aberration (cab franc, 100% whole cluster, 100% stainless aged), 2016 Mourvedre Rose. You’ll receive a 33% discount and discounted shipping and your all in cost is $175.

Click Here: https://www.tercerowines.com/red-wines/detail?item=bdix-mixed-bag

Special Notes:

When placing your order, please use code ‘shipme’ and the shipping charges that will come up will be taken off (glitch in my system).

If you order more than one package, I’ll take an additional $10 off – I’ll credit your card on my end.

All orders will ship within the next two weeks, weather permitting, other than the packages containing the 2017 Mourvedre Rose, which will ship by the end of March. If you order more than one package, and one of the packages contains any of this new rose, you can choose to ship the other packages now or with the rose – let me know or I will reach out to you.

Order in for a case of the 16/17 Rose!

Very cool indeed! Excited to share this with you!!!


In for some Rose magnums and a mixed 6’er of whites…

Needed more Rose…


Woo hoo! Mags are going quick - glad you got in!!!


For those of you who are ordering and are seeing shipping charges show up -

Use code shipme at checkout and those will be taken off - stated in the notes below the offers [snort.gif]

Thanks for the support thus far - awesome and humbling . . .


I guess reading is fundamental, but speed reading isn’t … my first buy of the day … [cheers.gif]

Thanks Peter - and believe me, I do the same all of the time [snort.gif]


missed the shipme part…

I will take care of it on my end - after public shaming you, of course neener neener neener

Thanks again for the support - greatly appreciated champagne.gif

In for a case of the 16/17 Rose too! Glad I was able to snag one of these. Almost missed the “shipme” spot but went back and found it. Looking forward to it!


Thanks as usual, Scott!!! Excited to share these!


In for two White Samplers and a '17 Rose Futures 6-pak!!

As always, thanks for the great offers…you are truly one great guy!! And pass along our B-Day wishes to Davis!

Regards, Dave & Joanie [cheers.gif] [thankyou.gif]

Thank you two - and I certainly will!!!


Always need Rose’, order in

Thank you - greatly appreciated!!!

Easy decision here…12 pack for me! Larry is the man!

Did the White Sampler last year and just ordered it again.
The wife is a Rhone fan and loved it.
Depending on what happens tomorrow I might be back for more. [cheers.gif]

Have been meaning to try Larry’s wines, so certainly in for the mixed bag.

Thank you so much for the support - I truly appreciate it!

The ones I expect to possibly be gone today will be the Rose 12 Pack and the Mags, and possibly the ‘mixed bag’ sampler . . .