tercero wines - Futures Offers On Mourvedre Rose!! Extended thru 2/2 (My Bday)!

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I have been asked to put together BD specials featuring my Mourvedre Rose. Fortunately, or unfortunately, I am all out of my 2015 version . . . but will be bottling my 2016 by mid-March. And I’ve got to say, it is arguably my best to date!

What I love about this Mourvedre Rose is the simplicity in making it:

I bring the grapes in from the vineyard, immediately jump into each 1/2 ton bin of fruit, unsorted, and foot stomp the grapes to release the juice. I allow the juice to sit with the skins for about an hour, then load the press with the grapes/juice and press away. The subsequent juice then goes into a stainless tank, where it is fermented at cooler temperatures for about 3 weeks. I then transfer some of the wine to older French oak barrels and some to a smaller stainless tank for aging. The two were then blended into a tank in mid-January and will be bottled in mid-March.

I’ve put together two separate packages containing the Rose - one is just the Rose and the other is a Mourvedre combo-pack containing the Rose along with my 2012 Mourvedre, a blend of lots from both cooler and warmer climate sites that was aged for 28 months in older French oak barrels prior to bottling.
These wines should ship by the beginning of April, weather permitting.

Special Bonus - Purchase any 2 packages (and this includes these two packages and the three ‘sampler’ packages in a separate thread) and I’ll knock another $10 off, which will reduce shipping charges even more! This will be taken care of on my end before your card is charged - I promise!

2016 Mourvedre Rose ‘Futures’ Special


I’ve been making a 100% Mourvedre Rose for the past 5 years though tend to fall ‘under the radar’ with this wine - and to me, I should not [wow.gif] You can read different notes on this wine on CT to see what others have to say.
You’ll receive 6 bottles of my 2016 version, bottling up on March 16. The wines will ship by April 1.
You’ll get a 33% discount and discounted shipping.
Your total cost is $150 all in.
Use code WBSHIP to reduce your shipping charges as well.

Mourvedre Sampler


For those of you who don’t know, I make more Mourvedre than any other single variety - and have for some time. It’s a variety that I dig and understand pretty well.
You’ll receive 3 bottles each of my 2012 Mourvedre - SBC as well as my 2016 Mourvedre Rose. This package will ship by April 1.
You’ll receive a 33% discount and discounted shipping.
Your total cost is $170 all in
Use code WBSHIP to reduce your shipping charges as well.

Any questions? Please reach out via email at larry@tercerowines.com - I will make myself available the entire day and evening to answer any questions you may have. And thanks again for your continued support of my small label - it is truly appreciated!

Easy purchase…Thanks Larry! [cheers.gif]

And we’re off!

Can’t wait to share this Rose with this Board - amazed at how many folks on here have NOT tried my Mourvedre Rose - but continue to post about and enjoy other Mourvedre-based ones . . . I PROMISE you will not be disappointed :slight_smile:

I posted some notes on CT for the whites. flirtysmile

It’s cold, but this has me thinking of summer.

Haven’t had the rose yet, but very excited about the futures that are going to be drunk this summer.


Thanks! You can read CT reviews from the 15 - and I gotta say that with Mourvdre roses, they seriously continue to get better in bottle for at least a year! Just had a bottle of my 15, long sold out, and it was the best bottle yet - seriously!


In for 6 of the roses. Hope I can keep my hands off them between April and when it starts to get hot around here!

In on the Rose
Thanks Larry

I hope so too - if not, you may want to consider doubling down :wink:

And we’re off!!! So excited to be a part of another WB Day - which, by the way, coincides with my daughter Davis’s birthday!!!

And excited to be offering my Mourvedre Rose this year - for the first time! For those who have NOT tried it, I guarantee you will dig it.

Here is a link to CT comments about my 2015 version:


And I gotta say, I think this year’s is even better!!!

Please note that I do have another thread launching soon that will contain 3 other packs - a white sampler, a red sampler, and an ‘experimental’ sampler. You can order each separately, but if you order ANY 2, including these two, I’ll knock off another $10.

Remember to add WBSHIP into the promo window to have shipping knocked off please.

Any questions? I’ll be here - all day . . .

How do you think the 2016 will compare to the 2015?

At this point, it is even more aromatic (if that’s possible [snort.gif] ) and has a touch more acidity. I see this having as long if not a longer life than my 2015 - and I can honestly say that the best bottle of my 2015 that I’ve had is one that I consumed about two weeks ago. I find Mourvedre Roses peak after at least a year in bottle . . .

Hope that helps.


It is NEVER too early to think about Roses, folks . . . .

And you will not get a better deal on my Roses than this one. Guaranteed!

Spent all day trying to figure out what I wanted to buy while participating in my first BerserkerDay and finally settled on the Mourvedre Sampler! Very excited to try the Rose in particular!

Thanks Andy - I’ll try my best not to disappoint . . .

Had to do the Rose futures …2015 Roses were/are amazing … and addictive!

Thanks for doing this Larry!

And all who have ordered that forgot to put in the promo code - don’t worry! I’ve got your back :slight_smile:


I bought the mixed pack - We love Mouvedre and are excited to try these!

And I am excited if you did try them as well, my friend! This is my favorite variety to work with, and I’m so happy to share it with folks who haven’t tried it before.