tercero wines BD Offers - shipping update in last post

I know that many of you have noted that you’ve already bought all you needed, and I applaud you for doing so. For those who still would like to ‘extend their savings’, here’s a chance to do so, but only until Feb. 2nd - which also happens to be my birthday [snort.gif]

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m owner and winemaker for tercero wines, a brand I started in 2006 to ‘merge’ my past – sales and marketing – with my present – just having graduated with a Masters Degree from UC Davis in Viticullture and Enology. Though my brand is not that old, I definitely feel like an ‘OG’ around here champagne.gif [wow.gif] flirtysmile

I’ve sald this all along and continue to – I am a consumer first and foremost and a winemaker second. I look at the industry a bit differently than others and share these opinions often here on WB, something I truly wish more members of the wine industry does. It’s not difficult to spend time here voicing your opinions without being ‘controversial’ or ‘pissing folks off’ – both of which I’ve done from time to time.

Here is my winemaking philosophy in a few points – and I feel it’s important to put this up since I’m not sure most of you know this:

I am a minimalist, doing as little as necessary to go from grapes to finished wine.
When my red and white grapes arrive at the winery, I do not sort the fruit whatsoever – I work with the vineyard managers to ensure I get the cleanest fruit possible; all of my reds starting in 2014 are 100% whole cluster, foot stomped by me. My whites are all whole cluster pressed, settled, then fermented and aged in 6+ year old French oak barrels. My reds are aged in 4+ year old French oak barrels, many of which are now well over 10 years old. So neutral, yes. My whites see extended barrel aging – about 16 months – always on their lees and never racked until just before bottling. Other than my cinsaut and carignane, my reds see extended barrel aging, usually about 3 years, on their fine lees and not racked until just before bottling. I have bottled everything I’ve made since 2006 under screw cap, except for a joint venture I did with John Cabot called Les Deux Comte. I made about a dozen wines each year – from lighter reds that clock in at 11-12% alcohol to grenaches that might land in the 15% range or so.

All prices below include applicable taxes and shipping costs. Note that the Roses are not being bottled until mid March so those packages won’t ship until later in March.

On all packages, use promo code shipme to have shipping removed - or I will do after the fact [wow.gif]

Something Old - $175
Here’s a chance to try a selection of aged tercero wines without it breaking the bank – and with me having aged these for you! All of these were barrel aged for 30 months in older FR oak barrels, unracked during aging. In this package, you’ll receive 1 bottle each of the following:
2011 Cuvee Loco - all Larner Vyd blend of Grenache, Syrah and Mourvedre
2011 The Climb - blend of 50% Syrah and 50% Petite Sirah
2011 Syrah – White Hawk Vyd
2011 Verbiage Rouge - Grenache dominated blend from multiple sites throughout SB County
Click https://www.tercerowines.com/red-wines/detail?item=bd11-library-4-pack to order

Something White - $160
Though I make a ton of different wines, folks seem really drawn to my white wines for their balance of aromatics and texture. Here’s a great sampler:
2014 Viognier
2014 Verbiage Blanc - Roussanne, Viognier and Grenache Blanc
2015 Verbiage Blanc - Roussanne and Grenache Blanc
2015 Grenache Blanc
2014 Roussanne
2015 Roussanne
Click https://www.tercerowines.com/white-wines/details?item=bd11-white-6-pack to order

Rose Futures 6 Pack $150
My rose has been my most critically acclaimed wine to date, and quite popular on WB Day as well. This year, I am actually making 2 different roses – my Mourvedre Rose and, for the first time, a Cinsaut Rose! This futures pack includes 3 each of the two different roses at a great price. Please note that my production was down for Rose this year and so if you really want to get any, I’d get it now instead of waiting . . .
Click https://www.tercerowines.com/white-wines/details?item=2019-rose-futures-6-pack to order

Rose Futures 12 Pack $280
Let’s double the fun and save even more!
Click https://www.tercerowines.com/white-wines/details?item=2019-rose-futures-12-pack to order

Lighter Times - $115
I make about a dozen wines each year, some of which are ‘bigger and bolder’ and some of which are lighter and ‘fresher’. Some overlook these – and here’s your chance to try this more ‘quaffable’ wines, all under 13% alcohol:
2018 aberration – blend of Grenache, Cinsaut and Carignane
2016 Cinsaut
2016 Carignane
2016 aberration – 100% cab franc, 100% whole cluster, aged in stainless steel
Click https://www.tercerowines.com/red-wines/detail?item=bd11lighter to order

Red Varietal Bottings - $200
A six pack of different individual Rhone red varieties that I work with.
2016 Cinsaut
2016 Carignane
2014 Mourvedre – SBC
2013 Grenache – Larner
2013 Syrah – Larner
2013 Petite Sirah
Click https://www.tercerowines.com/red-wines/detail?item=bd11-red-6-pack to order

Please order away and ask away if you have any questions whatsoever.


Standard rose case order placed! Didn’t see the place to enter the code. Can’t wait to try it!



Thanks my friend. I have taken the shipping charges off as promised - and can’t wait to share these with you!


Heard enough good things about it so I’m in for 6 of the rose.


Thanks my friend - and I’m hopeful you won’t be disappointed champagne.gif [snort.gif] [cheers.gif]


Hi Larry

I forgot to put in the code for shipping - what a dufus.
My wife was too excited about picking up more Rhones and got me flustered.
Thanks for another great offering !!

Richard and Dawn

Richard and Dawn,

No worries - I’ll take care of it right now! Thanks for the order and the support - I truly and humbly appreciate it.



Thanks Larry … [cheers.gif]


Got it! Thank YOU!!!


I ordered the whites last year and they were great, ready to drink and very tasty. In for another white 6 pack.

I’m in for a case of whites… can’t go wrong with Tercero!!!


Thank you so much! And thanks to all of the others who have ordered as well - keep em coming!!!

Placed an order for a case, was charged $25 for shipping, missed the code.


Heading out to pour at the LMU Wine Classic but will take care of all shipping charges later - I promise.

Still coming to grips with news about Kibe Bryant - so sad . . .

In for my first rose 6-pack! Was charged the $25 for shipping.

In for a case of rose, and a pack of Lighter Times. The cab franc Aberration is killer. Could easily go through 3x this order in a year… but gotta save space for some of the other BD offers!!

(Larry - couldn’t find the shipping code - if you could apply)

And re: Kobe - !!! Processing the news… so awful.

Polished off a mag of Tercero Rose last night… futures definitely needed!

^^^ Still have 1 mag left

Just placed an order for Rose’ futures. This is my Summer go-to rose.

In for an order of the Lighter Times! Wife and I both love them, different from the usual offerings. Larry, the shipping discount didn’t apply, but I see above you seem to handling that manually.