Tempting wine purchases you’ve passed on—give others a shot

When I click on that link, it prompts me to enter an email, and when I do, it says

  • Too many email address checks. Please double-check your email address and try again later.

Any idea what that is about or what I should do?

Sounds like you already have an account. Do you have another email address you could use to sign up?

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And its now sold out. Hopefully WB gang was able to snag all of them!


cellar raiders had 99 La Tâche for $6795, lowest I’ve seen in years.

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That’s a pretty good price, but they charge tax, the thatcher offer at 8k with 5% off is pretty much a wash

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Rare Wine has Bereche Brut Reserve (15) for $59.

Assuming the 15 is the base year and not the disgorgement year, but either way – solid champagne with age, for the same price as the new releases go for.

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Do they have a case? Cuz if not, why bother

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Spectrum added a good amount of older Arterberry Marsh, Thomas, Beaux Freres, some Ayoub and Kelley Fox among others.

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Ramonet white prices down w 5% off at Thatcher’s but still historically high.

Cellarraiders last email has a bunch of early 90’s Ridge Lytton Springs at ok pricing, and a single bottle of 1982 Musar I came very close to clicking purchase on

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Lol. I bought the Musar. Will let you know how it is.


Appreciate that, I went back 6 hours later grudgingly and was happy to see it was gone!

You’re a true OG for posting (sharing) the wealth.

K&L has a great price on slightly older Fevre 1er crus, from '18 Montmains ($40) to '21 Fourchaume ($50).

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