Tempting wine purchases you’ve passed on—give others a shot

Yeah, I bit on this and the full bottles at $129, which is less than I paid at auction a few years back. Flickinger’s has them at $116 if you buy a case.

I thought the 14-16 Roberta’s Reserve from Gladstone were tempting. I’m not a buyer because he wants case orders but at 140-160 that seems like value in Napa today (unfortunately of course) for arguably the best Merlot around.
I can’t remember what the mailer cost was though?

I purchased the Roberta’s from the winery for $325. Only turnoff on the offer is you need to purchase a full case.

Yep, I would have jumped on a 3 pack.

Any link to the offer?

Email only

Around 660 German rieslings dropped on WineBid tonight. Prum, Schaefer, Donnhoff, Keller, etc.


Yeah, my head is spinning. Feeling like there are too many choices so I can’t make a choice…

LDH $70
Won’t ship to me…not sure who they will as I checked VA and NY as well?
Love to trade for one if you get the 3 left :joy:

If they had 6 I was going to drive there…


K&L got a bunch of port in stock within the last 2 days. Decent pricing, vintages mostly from 70s-90s. I was tempted but resisted.

Gosh dangit you monsters cleared them out. One day…

There were only 3 bottles to begin with.

2002 Burg private cellar list from VinsRare. Some interesting stuff with good provenance and nice quantities and pricing isn’t terrible if you really want something, but it’s certainly more in keeping with auction values last year, not this year.

Crush has 12 CdC mags for $400. I know I’m a broken record, but it’s annoying places like that are getting the lion’s share of the allocations from EU and buying them up in the low $200s to flip. Meanwhile someone like me who actually wants to drink them gets allocated 3.

Thanks for the heads up!

Wine Solutions has a winter sale going on - a lot of US lows, mostly old world.

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Benchmark bin sale just started. A handful of good deals. Snagged a couple 15 F. Magnien CM 1er Borniques for $75. Left a couple. A few 20 Rivers Marie Chards in the $35 bin as well

Astor Wines has 40% off of Ridge “Three Valleys”.

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