Temecula Wineries

I know there was a post about Temecula wineries in 2021, and the responses were not encouraging, but has anyone been there recently that could share some recommendations? I know the wine is subpar and the QPR is borderline offensive, but I’m heading out there next week with another couple and looking for anything remotely decent. Based on the January 2021 thread and some other research, I’ve come up with the following list:

Halter Ranch (formerly Hart)

Any recs would be greatly appreciated. Again, I understand the limitations…

Many thanks!

Didn’t realize Halter Ranch had bought Hart. Halter Ranch is a very good winery in Paso, and Hart was probably the best winery in Temecula, so that would be my choice.

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My Sil and her husband frequent Miramonte. They’re club members and took us there last year. Wines were drinkable. Has a very nice outdoor space that serves acceptable food. Not a bad place to kill a little time if you have to.

Can be a bit of a minefield. Too many wineries there focus on the venue/wedding side of it, rather than the winemaking. And tends to be over-priced for what you get. But, I’ve had some great wines from other producers taking fruit from Temecula, so I know it can be done. From what I’ve heard from others, these are decent:

Leoness Cellars