Tell me about Realm

Here’s what I know about Realm: (1) I had some at a party, I believe it was the 08 Bard but am not sure; (2) I got on the list because what I tasted was excellent; (3) I know they make a few single vineyards and a few blends, which are Bordeaux based with different prominent varieties in the blends; (4) I ordered two each of The Bard, The Falstaff, and The Tempest; (5) they arrived this week in pretty heavy bottles with pretty heavy cardboard packaging; (6) the label art is visually stunning, simply beautiful. What else do I need to know? I’d love to taste these early to see how I like them and whether I want to be a regular buyer, but don’t want to baby kill them if they are the type of wines that will not do well fairly young. I am generally okay drinking young wines. I also pulled a couple old threads and believe the winemaker has changed since they made the bottle I tasted. Would love any insight from the board.

You’ve read that MASSIVELY long ‘about us’ story on their website right?
it’s a beautifully written piece…

I love Realm though I buy less from them than I used to buy. As for doing a “Pobega,” I think the Bard and Tempest could be opened soon, with a healthy decant, though I think they would be better with time. I have not tried the '12 Falstaff, but in prior years, I thought they really needed more time when opened relatively early. As to the SVD’s, the Farella I think could be opened earlier, and I would give the others a couple of years. This is from experience with prior vintages.

I’m a big fan and think their Cabs are special. I actually think they shine more with these blends though - satisfying stuff that in my limited experience drinks well from the jump. I can’t remark too much on age-ability, but my impression is that they’re balanced and ready to go with a little air. Costly, but still worth it for me.

I guess that would be the place to start. [basic-smile.gif] But I posted here to try to get a third party perspective. I actually opened the packaging and thought: (a) wow, this is fantastic; and (b) crap, this is fantastic, but I wonder if they got some private equity money (which could be good or bad for the quality depending on what they do with it). Thanks everyone for the replies so far.

I’m looking at the 06 and 07 Single vineyard wines and holding off… i think they’re better with some time…

of course trying a bottle doesn’t hurt. but once u get the TK/DrC/Farella, u might wanna wait a bit longer

Love the Bard as it is a cabernet bdx blend. The other two you listed I are Merlot based bdx blends which are not my preference. The new label looks great and their sort is awesome too.

I bought six Bards this year 2012 vintage and will buy some to-kalon later when it is offered. Im not opening them for at least two years, maybe longer but I have some older bottles to pop.

The 2006 Bard is great but down to one bottle. :neutral_face:
The shipping is a bit high though.

If you are looking for some with a little age vinfolio has the 2009 and 2010 for $79 each.

plus Juan is a great guy and runs a classy organization.


Juan is a good guy. But, to clarify, the Falstaff has a healthy if not predominant dose of Cab Franc.

Big fan

Killer wines, quite pricey.

Had an '05 Tempest last night, my first Realm, and loved it. My wife thought it was a bit hot/alcoholic, although I thought it was pretty balanced.


How would you describe the style ? Do they push the limits on ripeness and concentration ? Do they lean middle of the road in terms of Napa say Pott or more toward the further end of the spectrum like Bevan ?


what a shame I joined the mailing list so late that I am only allocated some of their lineups

Fred -

in general i would say closer to Russell than Aaron but not all the way there.


Thanks Jeff