Tell me about DRC Marc de Bourgogne

What sort of glass is it best served in? Is it oak aged? What are its unique characters?
Is $60 a glass fair in a reaturant for a nip?


A fine article by RW Apple in The NY Times from earlier this century

I prefer better MdBs in a stemmed white wine glass, although many prefer it in smaller glasses. Depending on the vintage, DRC MdBs retail at US$600 and up these days

60 is reasonable depending on the release. More a curiosity to me than a really fine spirit at the price point. Fun to try if you’ve never had

I don’t think that anyone would argue that the price is independent of the label, or that under a different label anyone would pay anything like that price.

That seems about going rate for DRC marc at a restaurant. If I were looking for marc/grappa of high quality that wouldn’t be the first I’d seek out, though. I’d try and find Capovilla’s Marc from the Clos des Goisses (done for Philipponnat, under their label), which is done in an eau-du-vie style, or perhaps Jacoulot, who flies under the radar a bit but makes really nice spirits.

I will make sure to look at the DRC label when I drink it.

Jacoulot seems to have a few different offerings; can anyone comment on the NV vs 18 year?

I paid 30€ in a Paris restaurant maybe 5 years ago, I guess it would be closer to 50€ now.
Nothing to write home about, just fun to drink a DRC label in this case.