Technical sheets?

How much can experienced tasters learn just by reading technical sheets? I opened a 2013 Napa Cabernet tonight with the following numbers.

14.8 alc
6.1 total acidity
3.7 pH

It has gotten a little better in the two hours since I opened it. My first impression was alcoholic heat. I found that odd since I frequently drink zins and Spanish wines over 15% that don’t strike me as hot. The other thing I noticed was a lack of acidity. Overall the wine has a very thick mouthfeel and the alcoholic heat has dissipated some, but I find it flat. I’m assuming that is related to the acid/pH. You guys in the know, would you expect that pH/TA combination to seem lacking acidity? Or can bottles with the same numbers “feel” different?

Great post. Been curious about converting stats into tastes.

Missing: RS value

I wondered about RS, not on the sheet.

Also missing brix at harvest. But pH of 3.7 in a Napa Cab at first would suggest to me it’s maybe a bit more likely to be overripe (for my taste), although TA above 6 I think is relatively high. Who knows.

As for heat, Clark Smith is a fan of saying that wines have “sweet spots” for alcohol where it’s more vs less integrated. Raise or lower the alcohol a touch from those sweet spots and you get the sensation of heat.

Sounds like my kind of wine. Pretty decent total acids with a high ph and alc between 14.5-15.5. I find most enjoyment pairing it with a high acid coffee to smack my palate when I get palate fatigue from the alc and need more buzz…