Tea Flavored Champagne?

Ok, has anyone heard of such a thing? This quote appears to be from Veuve for a pourer to infuse your Champagne with tea. I guess this isn’t much different from the idea of a “spritzer” of sorts, but seems odd that Veuve would be in this market.

Adding tea to your Veuve Clicquot Rich sparkling cocktail? Fill this stainless steel pourer with any loose-leaf tea to infuse your champagne with its flavors. We prefer the citrusy notes of Earl Grey in ours. Simply attach it to the neck of a chilled bottle and pour into a large glass with ice.

When Veuve released the NV Rich, they had a launch with all sorts of drink recipes and did a number of events with mixologists. The wine isn’t great on its own, but it does mix well and the tea based Rich cocktails were my favorites. It isn’t something I would drink often, but I was left impressed by the unique flavors. I don’t know how much of a market there is out there for this, but I am sure some bars who are into Champagne mixing will have one of these though I don’t know how many folks will actually pay for something like this.

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I’m not against Champagne “cocktails” per se, I just seems like $70 is a lot to spend on a Champagne that is a “mixer.”


I’m not saying I buy it or that I agree with the pricing on it. After all, it is a high sugared version of crap that isn’t Champagne that most would ever want to drink on its own. But, on ice, in a cocktail, it outperforms a Champagne you would rather drink on its own. Everything has its place. Price is a different issue and the fact that this was made to get people to stop using NV Veuve for mixers and then priced higher than NV Veuve is interesting, but it seems to have worked.

I call it the Caymus of Champagne.

No kidding. Use a cheap Cava. Can’t believe you can get Vilmart NV for about the same price as Veuve.

You’re dead to me.