TCA removal from single bottles - no not another saran wrap thread

Is there a treatment for corked wines that we could use domestically i.e. on a single bottle ?

I have tried the Saran wrap trick and yes it removes corked aroma and leaves you with something you still do not want to drink.

Could technology like this work ?

nb: no affiliation and no research in suggesting this - it was the first search match that claimed not to “scalp” the wine.

What say you Alan Rath and other scientists ?

Could we create a beserker filter pad that could at best convert your grand cru corked wines into reasonable cooking wine ?


I can’t address your other questions, but corked wine is fine for cooking without any treatment. The heat either destroys or dissipates the TCA.


The best way to see if it really works is to test it and see…

My quick internet search the the other night suggested otherwise, see this article which seems to make sense

This has been my experience also. Using corked wine to cook with has given me corked food. Bleh

I’m not a chemist, and I don’t play one on TV. With that caveat, unless heat either (1) breaks down the chemical bonds within TCA that destroys its organoleptic effect, or (2) causes the TCA to leave the liquid via evaporation, then I wouldn’t think that heating a TCA-contaminated wine would eliminate the TCA.


Anthony, that looks interesting. Something I’ve thought about for many years, but it’s not easy to find something that easily binds a small, simple molecule like TCA. Not my area of expertise, but it’s a lot easier to find ways to bind proteins and DNA because of their much larger and distinctive fingerprint. There is some work going on in tailoring proteins to bind specific small molecules, but I have no idea if it would be possible to do that for TCA. If so, you could attach the protein to a suspending matrix, and use put the assembly in your wine.

A big +1 and x10 when you’re using the wine to make sauteed mushrooms! [barf.gif] [bleh.gif] [bleh.gif] [bleh.gif]

When cooking with mildly corked wines, there is also the possibility that the TCA stays but the other flavours simply mask the corkiness.