Tasting Room Question - Mandatory Signage Requirement?

Wondering what signage I NEED to have posted in my soon to be open tasting room?

No one under 21 . . .
Pregnancy warning
Any others?

And anyone know where i can download these?


Although not needed, something along the lines of “We Encourage Spitting” might be refreshing to see!

Depending on what kind of glasses you’re using, you may need a warning about lead content.

We reserve the right to refuse service…


We accept credit cards!

Good luck Larry

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“Berserkers, Please Go Straight to the Cellar”

i would look at a prop 65 notice as well.

I’m not sure how wine tasting rooms compare to retail but check to see what signs etc, you need to be ADA compliant

“Please be prepared to show proof of age.”

“Tasting fee - $xx. Waived with wine purchase (or whatever your policy is)”

“Restroom for Tasting Room guests only” (depending on who your neighbors are)

“Warning: Drinking distilled spirits, beer, wine…can cause birth defects.”

“Maximum occupancy is xx persons.”

Don’t drink and drive?

(and… this is an egg; my grandmother knows what to do with it…)

Abandon all hope ye who enter.


“Don’t listen to Robert Parker”


No hog legs or smoke wagons allowed.

Seriously, I think the California ABC will have some say in this.

Does he really need a sign asking for good luck? neener

Is his luck normally that bad?

+1. The better a relationship you have with your ABC agent regarding compliance issues, the smoother things will go for you. If you reach out to them and ask questions, the more likely they are to volunteer help on other issues.

This time of year it’s good to have one reading something like,
“Heat will damage your wine”

I used to have one saying “if you wouldn’t leave a gallon of milk in your car then don’t leave your wine in there.”
Before that it said “If you wouldn’t leave your mother-in-law in the car don’t leave your wine,” but for some reason that didn’t get the correct message across.