Tank Press upgrade

We are looking to upgrade to an open tank press design from our current 450l bladder press and I would like some
feedback and designs/reliability. We are looking for a 12hl-16hl version currently considering:

  • DHEA from Vintner’s Vault, cool features, gentle but pretty new and you can’t climb into it to clean which freaks me out
  • Puleo from Carlsen, simple design, time proven, easy to get it and make sure it s clean

We are a small producer of mostly Bordeaux varietals with a few white projects which we usually whole cluster press at another winery with a much bigger press.

Who else should we consider ?

Any feedback appreciated.


I’ve worked with 3 different Puleo presses, a 24 hl, a 36 hl and currently a 30 hl. All have been excellent machines, and very easy to clean. Carlsen’s service department is the best, and one of the greatest advantages to Carlsen is that you can reach their sales manager on his cell, 7 days a week. He knows these presses so well, he can talk you through any situation, just off the top of his head. It’s amazing. I always seem to forget something the first day of harvest, and I call Jon. It’s an annual tradition. He had the right answer every time.

If you are still looking and open to options I work for a company that provides a full line of wine equipment. I am usually browsing other sections and just happened to see this tonight! It is best to contact me via email- Tyler (at) sacmiusa.com

Wanted to do a quick folllow up on this.
We bought a 15hl Xpro from Bucher Vaslin.
We had damage in transit (probably offloaded in a hurry before hurricane Harvey hit Houston) on a couple components. Bucher provided service and made it right. Happy with our purchase and the wines that came out of it this year

Benjamin - Thanks for circling back and given an account of what you purchased. Are you located in the Texas region? Did BV have a repair rep in your area or did they send someone to your location from elsewhere in the US? Thanks.

Yes, I’m located in Central Texas. I’m pretty handy so they sent me the parts and I ran diagnostic/fix on my end. They send us a tech once a year to service the press and our Delta E2 Destemmer. We don’t have a dedicated local tech at the moment but hopefully once our industry grows they will see more need for it.