Sushi and Champagne

I’m taking my wife out for a special omakase sushi dinner tomorrow night to celebrate the end of her dry January. After going back and forth between Chablis and Champagne, I’ve settled on Champagne. Any thoughts as between a Rose and a Blanc de Blanc as a general matter (given that I don’t know what dishes will be served)?

May I ask which Champagne?
I personally prefer BdB or Sake.

I like grand Marques with some age with sushi.

+1 Also, the 96 and 01 Vilmart CdC are singing right now if you’ve got them laying around.

I’m leaning toward a 2006 Charles Heidsieck Brut Rosé Champagne. In the Blanc de Blancs it would be either a 2002 Lanson Noble Cuvee Blanc de Blancs or a 2008 Pierre Gimonnet Blanc De Blancs “Special Club”

2007 Clos St. Jean Deus Ex Machina


I’d do that 02 Lanson.

Since you’ll be having a variety of dishes, I think any Champagne will work. There’s no wrong choice as long as it’s a good Champagne.



Although the 08 Gimonnet is delicious.

Cuvée Blanc d’Argile in Magnum

There are different schools of thought on this and I agree it’s hard to go wrong, particularly given that there are pros/cons to different styles of champagne. For me though, I prefer something with a lower dosage, to allow the subtle fish flavors to shine through a bit more.

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Decided on a 2006 Taittinger Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Blancs. Thanks for the suggestions.

Although a bit young, it’s a good choice assuming you get a good example (all of mine have been so far, knock wood).

Outstanding 07 Comte last night at AMANE.

So tell us. How was it?

champagne.gif It was fanf***ingtastic. If you find yourself in Toronto and desiring Sushi, it’s worth a trip to a strip mall in Etobicoke to eat at Kaji. It’s really great and while not inexpensive, an amazing value for what you get. Plus corkage was only $20, which is a deal in TO. The Tattinger worked fine and was a problem free bottle. Plus my wife liked the Champagne, but was easing back into drinking, so most of it flowed to me. :yum: A great night !

Kaji is great! Last time I went I brought a Champagne and a white Rhone.


Have you tried Skippa or Yasu yet? I really enjoyed Yasu couple of years ago, but have not been to Skippa yet - it is on the radar.

Cheers, Jay

We had a pristine and beguiling bottle of 96 Dom at SuMi at beautiful Noosa on our side of the big pond on Friday night. A great Omakase menu and a terrific bottle made for a great night.
I agree great Rhone whites can do the job well. Three weeks ago we had the 2011 Sauzet Chevalier Montrachet at the same venue and it was pretty smart !