Superstar producers


Several of your German wine producers have become real superstars like Donnhoff, Muller-Catoir and Schaeffer. Why do you think this has not happened to the same extent with Selbach? I love their wines and so do a lot of German wine lovers I know, but Selbach seems to stay a bit under the radar. Probably good for me as it has kept prices lower, but it kind of surprises me. Since you know all of these wines so well, I thought I would get your insight.

Have a happy and healthy new year.

Interesting question Howard, and I wish I knew the answer. I can speculate, of course, but please understand that’s all this is.

It might be because of Selbach’s negoçiant operation, which places their name atop some (outstanding of its type, but still) plonk, and it could also be that Johannes’ estate wines aren’t designed to blow someone’s mind with spectacular flavor - though they sometimes do this anyway. Also, it might be because Selbach’s wines are relatively plentiful, so they don’t have the scarcity value of a Schaefer. But the spirit of your question is insightful, and accurate; the perception that Selbach’s wines are somehow a notch below the stellar isn’t borne out by the evidence in the glass.

This was my experience. I remember thinking “why are people posting about Selbach”?


For clarification could you explain the differences between Selbach, Selbach-Oster and the negociant arm of Selbach and how to distinguish on the label?


If it says “Selbach-Oster” then it’s the estate; if it says anything else then it’s the Negoç.

I have often thought that Selbach’s wines get overlooked because they perhaps are not flashy enough - they are more classic and precise. But then, Schaefer is pretty classic and precise as well.

Happy new year.