Sunday Night Dinner

Tonight after the indulgence of C&C, we had a simple sauce of baby portobello mushrooms sautéed in butter & EVOO, and augmented with half a jar of Rao’s Cuoro di Pomodoro sauce, on tagliarini. Wine was a 2000 Luna Sangiovese (with 8% Merlot) - bright ruby in color; light nose and flavors or herbal cherries with a touch of oak; slightly harsh mid-palate of oak, light fruit and tannins; and a medium, slightly harsh finish. I keep trying to enjoy Luna wines, but the oakiness intrudes.

Then for dessert, we had Piroulines - white chocolate, chocolate-hazelnut, & dark chocolate; and TJ’s French truffles with a a very nice 1985 Graham’s Port. The Port was very good. rich fruit and little sweetness. and quite pleasant with the chocolates. It was so nice we drank the whole bottle, instead of the half we’d planned. It was especially delightful after the oakiness of the Luna.

Gluttony is good, extreme gluttony… extremely good