Summer TNs: Two Rose's from Pibarnon

Warm day on the East Coast, so we had sushi and grilled salmon burgers for dinner, a perfect opportunity to check out a couple rose wines.

  • 2009 Château de Pibarnon Bandol Rosé - France, Provence, Bandol (6/28/2014)
    Just for contrast, I pulled an older rose out as well. Similar in color to the 2012; the nose is more restrained (or maybe just a bit tired - I’m guessing a 2009 rose is probably pushing it a bit).

Still refreshing on the palate, but not as smooth or integrated as the 2012; the acidity here is a little spikier, but the wine would be fine on it’s own. It’s current shortcomings are just a little more apparent when tasted next to it’s younger sibling.

  • 2012 Château de Pibarnon Bandol Rosé - France, Provence, Bandol (6/28/2014)
    My last note on this was about 8 months ago; salmon-colored in the glass, with a distinct citrus note on the nose.

Nicely put together on the palate, bright and lively, nice elongated finish - this is my last bottle, but the wine is still drinking quite fresh, as this is one rose capable of some bottle age.

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