Suggestions on Where to Eat in Venice, Italy

My folks are going to be in Venice in late September and I’m hoping to give them some good intel on where to eat. They are staying at the San Clemente Palace Hotel & Resort.

Thanks in advance!



This place was great last fall. Great ambiance and a good location, prices are not crazy.

Fiascheterria Toscana is my favorite.
Alle Testiere is very good, got pricier lately.
Osteria da Fiore is excellent, but extremely pricey.
Al Covo is good (a little inconsistent) but good value for the 3 course meal.
Enoteca Mascareta is my favorite wine bar (behind campo santa maria formosa).

All tried in June 2011.

Tom and Barry,

Thanks so much for the recs!



I can highly recommend these two from our April trip:

Osteria L’Orto dei Mori
Neighborhood: Cannaregio
Campo dei Mori 3386, 30121 Venice, Italy
041 5243677 |

La Zucca
Calle del Tintor, Sestiere Santa Croce, 1762, 30135 Venice, Italy
+39 (041)-524-1570 |

Much appreciated, thanks Phillip!

Six superb meals at Alle Testiere, the most recent one in December 2010.
Enoteca Ai Artisti, a family owned gem located in a more remote part of Dorsoduro that was until recently frequented only by locals. My brother, who was there last month, had a great lunch with a fine bottle, but told me the only Italian he heard was from the staff.
Cantina Gia Schiavi (also known as Al Bottegon) in the Dorsoduro is my favorite wine bar. Filled mostly with locals, I used to go there a lot on my frequent trips to Venice (always in late November, December and January) when I lived in Rome. Cichetti is still 1 euro or 1.5 euro. One can have a full meal of cichetti and glasses of wine and still get change for 20 euros.

Regardling San Clemente, your folks might want to check Tripadvisor, where reviews of this hotel are mostly lukewarm or worse.

Great tips, thanks Peter!