Suggestion - WINE TALK as the first category?

WINE TALK is the section that most of us use most frequently with multiple refreshes per day/session. However, it is below 3 other categories (including this one, and berserker day, which is really only relevant one month out of the year). This means that I’m constantly scrolling down the page on mobile to get to the same section - which gets old after the 1,745th time. Perhaps WINE TALK should be moved to the top section?


Yup, forgot to move BerserkerDay down, but Wine 101 should still be first for the lurkers who happen upon the site, lest Wine Talk bear the load of the most basic questions

Taking care of it now

Great! Makes sense on newbie avoidance with the 101 at top. Thanks for making the change!!

you can also just bookmark wherever you want to start. for example, if you want start with your posts (regardless of fora):


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This forum has so much more to offer that you don’t ever utilize when sticking to one category. I have my preference set to “Latest”. It lists all new posts first in chronological order. The only time I find myself choosing a category is when I am starting a new thread.

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