Suckling great wines world NYC

Anyone else go to this thing? Say what you will about the man, but his team really knows how to put on an event. Lots of terrific wines poured, but some memorable ones included

2019 Giacosa Vigna le Roche

2012 Billecart-Salmon Cuvee Louis salmon
2009 Leoville Las Cases
2020 Giacosa Rabaja
2016 La Conseillante

2018 Belair-Monange
2012 Hugel grossi Laüe
2016 Domaine de Chevalier
2019 Cogno Ravera
2012 Ygay gran reserva especial
2021 Horsepower the Tribe Syrah

The Giacosa vigna le Roche might be the finest young Nebbiolo I’ve ever had - achingly elegant but bristling with tension, incredibly complex and long, ooof.


What did they charge?

Were wines served in the Suckling 100 point wine glass?

Edit: saw your scores, I guess not.


I had comp tickets, but I think they started out at like $100 earlier on and then increased to $200. It looks like there are still tickets available for today - a slightly different set of wines being poured

Tickets for students and young people under 28 are $50, which is a nice touch.

I don’t know anything about he the event but that price seems quite reasonable for tasting wines of that caliber

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These events put on by critics are often really fun.

Suckling scores high and doesn’t seem to bother with Burgundy, but other than those horrors, what are his other crimes against humanity?

I went to an event he did in 2012. It was fantastic. Around 40 or so of the best Brunello houses pouring their 07 normale and their 06 Riservas.

Suckling gave a brief intro and then he wandered the floor chatting with people. He seemed like a very nice man . His hair was en point as well.


Yeah, I would definitely have paid the ticket price, especially had I known many wineries were pouring their top wines (Corton and Corton-Charlie from Louis Latour). There were plenty that I didn’t get around to tasting, e.g. 2015 Cristal

I also got a chance to taste a bunch of culty wines that I was curious about but would never otherwise try to taste, eg Ulysses, Realm, Horsepower, Bibi Graetz, etc.


I went to one of his events in 2022. Was a great time with tons of good wines being poured.

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I’m going today

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Friend’s friend backed out and I had a free evening. Have 0 game plan.

IMO you didn’t miss much with 2015 Cristal. Not my favorite vintage

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I went and was also pleasantly surprised by some of the wines poured. Was generally a good time, if not a bit crazy with so many people. But fun nevertheless.

Agreed with the note on the giacosa, was easily the best wine for me. The 2009 LLC was also showing well.

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How was 2016 DDC?

That is a nice touch indeed - chapeau to Suckling. A lot of estates who bemoan their secondary market pricing but don’t ever actually do anything about it might want to take note when they do similar events.


Maybe a bit more dense and not quite as refined as the 2019, but lovely balance and very classically pessac.

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I guess Giacosa was only present on day 1? I went on day 2 and missed it. I did catch the very last pour of the 2009 LLC and that was indeed fantastic.


I went there last night. Ticket was $120 but well worth it. Several top notch BDMs $100-$200 retail, Gran Selezione Chianties. It was great.

This was my favorite

Wearing his scarf and talking about how he lives in Tuscany while in the valle de Guadeloupe lol


I think I was at that! Was held at City Winery I believe? I remember going with a group to Scarpetta after and saw Eli and Peyton Manning at the table next to us. Was a great evening!