Just had a Spicy Italian on Herbs and Cheese. Discuss.

PS- I had hot peppers on the sub.

I would rather discuss your avatar!! DAMN!!!

It’s Subway. Might as well be Taco Bell or Olive Garden. What’s to talk about?

""While the bread does technically have nine grains, he says that you might as well choose white. Eight of those nine grains are basically trace amounts, listed at the bottom of the ingredient list under “contains 2% or less.” The number one ingredient is regular white flour.

“Essentially this is a white-wheat hybrid with trace amounts of other whole grains like oats, barley, and rye,” says Zinczenko.

As for that high-fructose corn syrup, well, there’s more of it than any of the grains. With the requisite soda on the side, you’re talking about a major corn-syrup overload.

But what about the brown color of the bread? It’s not from grains: Zinczenko reveals that it actually comes courtesy of a compound called ammonium sulfate. If the name sounds familiar, it’s because it’s a commonly used plant fertilizer. It helps the bread achieve that golden hue by nourishing the yeast. Whether it’s good for the human body is up for debate"

I just can’t stand the smell it leaves on your body when you walk out of that place.

Plus Jared f’n pissed me off!

Very high sodium to boot.

Other than that…love Subway!

Pineapple? On pizza? You’ve lived in a culturally-deprived portion of the country for too long. [suicide.gif]

Thinking outside the box resulted in the glazed blueberry bagel. Pineapple on pizza is a food felony. One might as well put ketchup or A-1 on Flannery strip steaks.

I absolutely love Pineapple on pizza! Breaks up the monotony of all that salty meat on the Meat-Lovers Delight!

I hate it when I hear the truth. They must laugh inside when people think they are being “healthy” and ordering the wheat bread.

Too bad it isn’t ammonium nitrate. If it were, then we could get a thousand of them, some diesel and go blow some shit up.

[highfive.gif] flirtysmile


I have often fantasized about a Prosciutto e Melone pizza with fresh Gran Padana grated on top after it comes out of the oven.

You need to quit ingesting the peyote.

good lord!, does that sound delicious!!! flirtysmile

Subway is vile. That new Angus sandwich looks like a slice of grilled excrement.

You mean Grana Padano?

The only disgusting part is the melone, really, since prosciutto & mozz covered with slices of Parmigiano Reggiano just when the pizza is coming out of the oven is my #1 pizza ever.

On a related note:


The hot melon part is a barf inducer. [barf.gif]

Do hot fruit tarts make you throw up? There’s a local bakery here that does Prosciutto e Melone tartlettes, I’m actually thinking of a more savory thing.