Sub $25 Zinfandel

Does anyone have any recommendations?

Many many thanks!

Bedrock OVZ


Carlisle Sonoma County.

I think you can get Scherrer OMV for that price with a case purchase on futures.

+1 - even better with a couple of years of age on it. Cheers!

Agree with Carlisle and Bedrock. Also Neal family Rutherford Dust zin.

Seghesio Sonoma County Zin
Bedrock OV Zin

The 2018 seghesio sonoma county is the best vintage IMO dating back to 2013 when i first had it.

I think Turley’s OVZ is right at $25 off their mailing list. Always a good buy and their juvenile zin is less but I have not been a buyer of it. Used to buy the Seghesio at Costco/Sam’s Club as a cellar defender but no room for it any longer. We also bought the Cline Ancient Vines Zin for around $12 a bottle as a cellar defender or to pour for friends and family who are regular wine drinkers.

I’m drinking BOATLOADS of 2018 Bedrock OVZ $21, and 2018 Turley Juvi $19 I get locally at grocery stores! I think they are wonderful Zin’s…totally correct and with plenty of brightness and Zinberry briar and spice…and you can even chill them down and drink like a boss rose’!



Every now and then I find Turley at around 25 on sale.

Edit, upper limit for your thread, however within reason

Most of the ones I and others recommended above are off mailing lists or maybe something you’d find at specialty stores. If you’re looking for things that are widely available off shelves, maybe consider Seghesio Sonoma, Ridge Three Valleys, Dry Creek, Ravenswood.

Bucklin Bambino is usually around 24. I’m a big fan. Sky Vineyards is having a sale at 25-28/bottle on their website. It’s a leaner style, but hits a lot of good notes.

Add my vote for the Bedrock Old Vines.

I’d add the '17 Ridge Three Valleys, which I found in NY for $27. It’s probably available for less elsewhere.

I always find the alcohol too conspicuous on the Seghesio wines.

Bedrock Old Vines is my choice but another very good alternative is Dry Creek Vineyards Heritage Vines Zinfandel. The 2018 is $16.00-18.00 at various stores including Wine Library. Have not had that particular vintage but prior years have been good.


All the top picks have already been mentioned - Bedrock OVZ, Carlisle Sonoma, Turley Juvenile, and I also like the Dry Creek Heritsge call (winery that never gets enough love around here except from Tom Hill).

If you’re looking for even further value, I’d throw in Marietta Old Vine Red and Morgan’s ultra QPR Shebang. Both really solid and available for around $12

Chris is correct. Scherrer Old & Mature Vines sells for $25ea on futures. Delivery a year later. Blows away all the recs above IMO. But definitely a more balanced, food friendly style versus cocktail Zin.

2018 Bedrock OVZ is excellent for $19. Sign up now and you’ll catch the July mailing.

I’ve yet to try Segehsio but many like it and it’s a Costco staple. I picked up a couple 2017 Ridge Three Valleys for $19 at Costco this week, too.

Tilth makes a nice OV Zin for $25.