Strange Request - VA residents only

My daughter gives birth next month (her 3rd). I would like to surprise her with a case of Boxwood Winery Rose. They will ship to Ohio. However they will only sell it within the state of VA. I am hoping someone will be willing to go to the winery and complete the transaction. Obviously I will send the money for the wine (and your time) in advance.
Let me know.

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would this work for you?

Can you call them and complete the transaction over the phone vs online?

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Im in VA. Can i order online and have shipped to ohio or do i have to physically go to winery?

I love this thread.

I read it as follows (please correct me)

  1. the wine is in VA;

  2. it needs to get to OH; and

  3. seller is willing to ship to OH;

  4. BUT, seller will only accept payment in person at the winery in VA.

  5. Mazal Tov

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Paging Waiting in Manassas

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I already tried that. No dice

Talked to someone else and got clarification. As a Ohio resident, I can buy the wine online but not ship out of state. The winery will cannot ship to Ohio. Thus my options are to order the wine then ship the wine to a VA resident (or a VA pickup the wine at the winery). Arrangement would need to get the wine from the VA resident to me. Any help would be appreciated.

It looked like they ship to PA.

I would offer to help, but the wine would get toasted having shipped to me and then me shipping to you, and would be very expensive for 1 or 2 day. Really hot right now

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I looked up the winery, and its about 35 minutes from me. So I need to go to the winery, pay for the wine, and then they can ship it to you in OH?

Or do I have to ship it, which I don’t think I can do since I’m not a business with a wine license.

I don’t think I’ve ever been there, and I’ve lived here since 1992.

I’m game, as long as I don’t have to lift a case of wine. I’m just coming off months of rehab after herniating multiple disks and nerves in my lower back and legs. Haven’t had wine in months due to the meds.

I just lost an entire Smoking Goose order due to the temps in transit, and that was only 2 days packed in insulation and lots of ice packs. I wouldn’t want to ship anything until temps cool considerably.

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Does the case come in its original wood box?