Storm, flooding and Hail today in German wine region

Saw some pics and saw giant hail hit in the Rheinhessen (near Worms) as well as flooding. Some growers got decimated right before harvesting. Really brutal timing. Golf ball size hail and flooded streets. Hoping some can salvage some crop but may be unlikely for those hardest hit.

Several small producers lost 95% of their crop.

It was very specific though, neighbours spared completely.

I’ve heard at least one well know producer lost everything but am not sure it’s good to spread names.

Hail 4-5cm diameter.

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I saw some initial reports. The one producer mentioned in an Instagram reel was not someone I was familiar with.

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Sounds like some of the worst was only 2 km from Keller. Couple of young growers starting out got decimated.

The estate Keller had BIG luck, no damage.

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Do you know who they are? The ones I follow seem to have fared OK. The pictures look horrible, but there is very little specific information about damages out there.

# Winzer: Weinberge total zerstört

Markus Schneikert was hit hardest

Growers around Worms it seems…