"Stoner Food" or "Thinking Outside the Box"?

Bacon Ramen Egg Roll

Interesting idea. Some sort of lite & savory dipping sauce and we may be onto something.
My vote is for ‘Thinking Outside The Box’.

Looks more like a spring roll wrapper.

Is that on a menu somewhere or did you make it yourself?

There is an awesome website called Google that you should check out…


LOL ! Thanks for the link.

Oh, let me add: “Stoner Food”.

I like the traditional egg rolls as they are and only like ramen when it’s served with broth.

On the other hand, if this ramen-egg-roll thing actually works out, could Pasta-Carbonara-in-egg-roll be next?

I vote for linguini in squid ink with smoked mussels…someone needs to get on that.

Don’t know about you, but I used the Yellow Pages. newhere


The best part of the website is the NSFW commentary. This winning. http://thevulgarchef.com/2014/08/12/how-to-stuff-food/

Bonus commentary here: http://instagram.com/p/rmgASSh1Xq/

There were these batter dipped deep fried cannolis we made at our “Men Behaving Badly When Their SOs Are Not Present Tailgate” that were a bit like that, but I think that Fettuccine Alfredo En Egg Roll would be a better choice.

The instant ramen egg rolls don’t look appetizing at all… But these pretzel bites with lobster look like a gift from the heavens

Oh my god, read the “poor bastards lunch box” section. I think this website is written by the rooster, hoss.
I hope at least one person gets that reference…

I had to bookmark the vulgar chef, good one.

Carby much? [bleh.gif]

That doesn’t look delicious to you Linda?

Hurts my tummy just looking at it.

Leenda, if you want to feel true pain and revulsion, you should spend more time on this guy’s Instagram account. Those egg-rolls look like health food compared to most of the other offerings.


Plus, he is a bit vulgar.

To whit: