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This is Us:
Winemaker Aaron Jackson is a 20-vintage veteran and protege of Justin Smith at Saxum Vineyards.
I’m a former fine wine retailer who is curveballing poor Aaron with wild experiments outside of his comfort zone. Right now, Aaron is swinging wildly and somehow batting 1.000.
We’re having fun.
[stirthepothal.gif] Why buy our Berserker offers?When you buy Stereophonic you’re helping us make progress on new and killer wines - right away. We have a huge list of intriguing sources, blends and ideas for 2020 and 2021 that we are eager to get going on. On top of that, they will help pay authors, musicians and visual artists who will be commissioned or licensed at fair pay to contribute to our ecosystem of wine and the world around it. The wines are really f’ng good and the only objective here is to do more cool wine sh** and create more excited, happy wine lovers every year until the wheels fall off. We are honored to be a part of the Berserker Day selection. As a retailer, I’ve sold almost 70 of the previous Berserker Day participants in my store and respect the taste of this board HIGHLY!
Thanks for giving us a shot. [thankyou.gif]
BerserkerDay 12 Offers
Starting With our Wine & Book “Concept Album” Samplers

Offer #1 : Long Nights Wine + Book Sampler. 6pk + Book
2 bottles 2017 Good Company Aglianico, Kirk-Landry Vineyard, Paso Robles 14.5% ABV
2 bottles 2017 No Chains Can Hold You Aglianico-Cabernet Blend, Paso Robles 14.6% ABV
2 bottles 2018 Starblanket Petite Sirah-Grenache Blend, Paso Robles 14.6% ABV
1 copy of Underland by Robert MacFarlane, National Outdoor Book Award Winner, Guardian’s Top 100 Books of 21st Century

The Long Nights combo delivers six bottles of our cool-weather wines that explore the ideas of family, distance and the meaning of a personal journey. Our flagship Aglianico is included with a good decade’s aging potential, as well as our two unusual blends, No Chains Can Hold You and Starblanket, sure to happily accompany good food and appeal to lovers of Southern Italy. To complement these wines that look beneath the surface, we’re including a copy of Rob MacFarlane’s “Underland”, the National Outdoor Book Award Winner and one of The Guardian’s Top 100 Books of the 21st Century. This book laces together natural history, ancient culture, outdoorsmanship and human relationships in one of the most remarkable non-fiction books I’ve ever read. It will inspire you in so many ways, especially with a glass of Good Company in hand. Thanks for trying our BD12 Offer!

Regular Price: $230
Berserker Price: $149

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Offer #2 : Short Days Wine + Book Sampler. 6pk + Book
2 bottles 2018 Une Autre Fin Est Possible Syrah, John Sebastiano Vineyard, Sta. Rita Hills 14.0% ABV
2 bottles 2018 The Dream of Spring Syrah/Mourvedre/Grenache blend, Central Coast 14.4% ABV
2 bottles 2019 Blue Desert Albarino, Morro View Vineyard, Edna Valley 13.8% ABV
1 copy of The New Wilderness by Diane Cook, Booker Shortlist Finalist

This pack is the introduction to our Future Wine style. With Syrah, Albarino and an unusual Rhone blend, we try to imagine what the world of wine would be like if everything turned out differently. What if Hermitage was on an island? What if Albarino first flourished among the Morros of coastal California? What if the Pope never put his house in Avignon and instead moved to Tain? To accompany these thoughts of a totally different world than the one we know, we’ve selected Diane Cook’s Booker Finalist Novel “The New Wilderness” - a complex story set in the near future, where humans relationship with nature is tested as well as the relationship between mothers and children are explored under pressure. The wines and the book will enliven your mind and your dinner conversations, guaranteed. Thanks for giving us a shot!

Regular Price: $268
Berserker Price: $199

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Offer #3 : Endless River Gruner Veltliner Case Deal. Under $20/btl
12 bottles 2018 Endless River Gruner Veltliner, Paragon Vineyard, Edna Valley 12.8% ABV

“This wine slaps. And despite my natural urge to avoid complimenting you, it seems unavoidable that I tell you this is good.”
-A well-known importer of Austrian wine.

I love Gruner Veltliners and we drink them often. The combination of fruit, complexity and versatility are tough to beat. The rows for this Gruner come from right next to Graham Tatomer’s and while our expression is a bit more mouthwatering than his, it’s obviously the prime part of the site. This wine is in a great spot right now, with citrus zest, mint, tonic water, green pear and slate character. The finish is really malic and the objective was to capture a Sancerre/SB style acidity with pith and juiciness. Complex and chuggable at the same time. I repeat, this wine has acid for DAYZ. We made 189 cases in stainless steel.

Regular Price: $336
Berserker Price: $239

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Offer #4 : Futures: 6 bottles 2019 Diamond Mountain Cabernet Sauvignon
2019 Untitled Cabernet Sauvignon, Mader Vineyard, Diamond Mtn, Napa, CA - This vineyard sits on the exact border of Diamond Mountain District and Sonoma and is closest to Armstrong Ranch (half a mile), an old site that is used at Lerner Project, at Provenance as a single vineyard, and was a St. Clement Vineyard designate a long time ago. AR also makes up a little bit of Beringer’s Private Reserve Cabernet Program. This is a 35-40 year old vineyard that faces east, is planted pretty widely spaced and information on clone was never kept. We picked at 25.5 brix and put it into new medium toast barrels from Saury and Atelier CF. The wine is concentrated and fairly modern profile Diamond Mountain character - red and purple fruit, floral tones and less firm than Diamond Creek or Von Strasser. I’d compare the wine as it tastes right now to Andy Erickson’s work at Arietta. I think Aaron did a great job and we plan to produce more Napa wines as his style suits our fruit up here. Three Barrels Made.

Release Price: $540/6pk
Berserker Price: $360/6pk

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Offer #5 : Futures: 12 bottles 2019 Briarwood Vineyard Malbec, Paso Robles
2019 Untitled Malbec, Briarwood Vineyard, Paso Robles - This is a large vineyard in the Templeton Gap amidst rolling hills, clay soils and with the big diurnal shift the area is known for. It produced a really supple, varietally perfect Malbec with pressed flower tones, ample red and black plum and a finish that’s lightly herbal and tannic. The objective here was to do something like the new wave of Argentine producers - ripe but elegant and with less reliance on whomping, toasty, astringent oak. I really love the flavors of Malbec but I think there’s too much extreme winemaking - cheap, tanky, chipped wines or massively oaked trophy wines. We tried to style it a bit in a “Margaux” fashion - amply fruited but delicate and accessible - and clearly differentiated from other Bordeaux varieties. This was aged in once-filled barrels. Malbec doesn’t need to be a cheaper version of Cabernet to be awesome. We were inspired by Bodega Noemia and Bodega Aleanna (El Enemigo).

Release Price: $384/12pk
Berserker Price: $279/12pk

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[drinks.gif] What up Preview Day! Pot’s on and I’m here to answer questions - and let me know what you’re buying that I can’t miss.

Whoa, I did NOT expect that! It’s not even 9am… Thank you Berserkers!!

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I am just in love with the way this winery seems to approach life, so count me in!!!

Anton, you’re the man. Thank you!

Tasting NotesImporting the tasting notes from the Newbie Intro so they’re all in one convenient place:

2019 Blue Desert Albarino, Morro View Vineyard, Edna Valley: We wanted to make a wine that captured the visceral power of the Pacific Ocean so we looked for a grape that was used to harsh climes. The Morro View site produces a very late pick with quite a lot of acidity. The fermentation ran on forever and the resulting wine is something that we’re proud of, although it wasn’t always easy going. Green-tinged apple and pineapple notes and a pristine, Alto-Adige like mouthfeel make for a very brisk, clean and persistent wine. We made 215 cases in stainless steel.

2018 Une Autre Fin Est Possible Syrah, John Sebastiano Vyd, Sta. Rita Hills: There’s definitely a style of Syrah that tastes like what Pinot could be in a Parallel Universe, and that’s what we captured with a couple barrels here in 2018. These are picked right next to the Faethm/Fingers Crossed section but obviously the wine turns out differently. The winemaker and I had a serious debate over this wine - he wanted to blend it up with heavier barrels, I honestly think you can’t make this wine better in any way. It’s pure, ultra-fragrant and deliciously complex. And I think for lovers of Allemand-style refinement, you will be mighty impressed. We made 60 cases with fully destemmed fruit in old oak. This was going to be added to the list at a two-star SF restaurant but the pandemic put the kibosh on that. Still, a nice recognition for a newbie.

2018 The Dream of Spring Central Coast Red Blend: The other barrels of John Sebastiano Syrah were more deeply pitched and structured and presented a different version of the wine, which was convenient as we had some Mourvedre and Grenache with similar builds, focusing on limestone sites. The focus was on concentration, length, complexity and elegance. We added a small amount of PS in order to lengthen the finish. This is still very early in its evolution. I had Eric Texier in mind when we were making this. We made 179 cases in old oak.

2017 Good Company Aglianico: This is, I think, one of the most varietally accurate Aglianicos in America. Hot asphalt and black cherry jam.On the palate, tannic and mouthwatering with fleshy fruit. Very well structured with shape and drive. Mix of cherry, blueberry and cranberry fruit and a hint of sticky Paso pectin. True Southern wine, serious, powerful and occasionally a bit forward. Finish of baker’s chocolate, blue fruit and white pepper with lasting acidity. We made 54 cases in old oak. The vineyard was torn out due to red blotch, so we are looking for another Aglianico source.
2017 No Chains Can Hold You: This is a blend based on Aglianico from our other site, blended with Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Petite Sirah. Silky strawberry fruit with black pepper and licorice notes on the nose. Acidity keeps the wine dancing but it is a softer, lither profile with a finish of strawberry jam, citrus oil and herbs. It most closely resembles a Cerasuolo di Vittoria or perhaps a Mondeuse/Trousseau type red. We made 84 cases in old oak.

2018 Starblanket Red Blend, Paso Robles: This is our grilling by moonlight wine. Peppery, plush and an iridescent purply hue, it’s the most “shut up and drink it” of the Stereophonic set. Equal parts Petite Sirah and Grenache, we wanted a wine that was warmer than Bernie’s wool mittens and would show off the versatility of Paso Petite. The Grenache is from Spanish Springs and by itself had a strong Des Tours character but just wasn’t balanced enough to stand on its own. Petite filled in the blanks. 60 cases made in old oak.

I love Central Coast/Paso wines and the 2018 John Sebastiano Syrah I’ve had from another producer was really excellent, so I grabbed a few Syrahs and the SMG blend. Really excited to try these!

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Thank you!! That’s what I’m talking about!

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In for a mixed 6-pack. Looking forward to trying the wines and really appreciate the BD discount!



Purchased Offer #1 plus one bottle of Albarino, one bottle of Syrah. Looking forward to trying.

Thanks for the love, Michael. We’re in for a 3pk of Pezzato - looks like dynamite! [drinkers.gif]

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Marc, you’re getting a really good assortment there. I’m very appreciative of the support and excited to see your impressions when the time comes. [cheers.gif]

I can’t believe Illinois is not a state they can ship to. Bummed.

Order in. Looking forward to trying these. Thank you!

Hey Paul, I can’t leave a person bummed. Not ever! I have figured out a solution. Please e-mail and I’ll complete the order for ya.

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Thanks Michael! It means a lot that you’ll give em a chance - glad they stood out!


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Ordered the long night 6 pack, can’t wait to try them.

Thanks Scott! Great wines and a ridiculously engrossing book to go along with them.

Email sent. Just let me know what I need to do. THANKS!

Got it, and responded to. Thanks for saying something! I also helped someone earlier who wanted to ship to AK - I have a solution for that too, if any other Alaskans are reading! grouphug

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