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A: Pick out a few packs of Stereophonic and then visit the Champagne Room offer below and mix up a set there. Everything on the same order gets you super-low shipping (as low as $1 a bottle!)

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A: That wasn’t a question. But yes. All purchases get one entry into the raffle. Comment in the thread and get a second entry into the raffle.

What WineBerserkers.com is saying about Stereophonic:

"they are that most precious of commodities, something *interesting.* A bonus: gorgeous labels." - JohnMag

This is one of those really good ones that go beyond, to where you are happy to have more to drink and sad when it is your last bottle.” - Stephen Faulkner

extremely easy to drink. Can’t even contemplate its future when it’s so tasty now.” - Marc_Hanes

every wine was a straight up stunner. Run don’t walk.” - ekwartler

Where we ship: All states except AL, AK, DE, HI, MS, RI, UT.

Ship Charges: $15 flat in CA, $25 flat Western US, $35 flat Eastern US



Intro to Stereophonic 6-pack sampler.

The best way to see what Stereophonic is all about.

A sharply-priced sextet of wines from multiple vintages, styles and philosophical approaches.

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The Best of Stereophonic 6-pack sampler

Stereophonic at the peak of its powers. Single Vineyard wines with complexity and ageability.

An assortment ranging from our very first wine to the incredible class of '21 wines.

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Single Vineyard Old Vine Cabernet Vertical 4pk

A pair of vintages of our old vine sites in Napa and Paso Robles. 

Uniquely styled Cabernet Sauvignon with approachable depth. Delicious now.

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6 Bottles of our now-iconic Malbec, "Where Corn Don't Grow"

A one-of-a-kind Malbec that is flavor-packed, smooth in texture - and capable of pleasing palates from here to Deep Space Nine.

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4 Bottles of the Dark Lord's favorite Aglianico: "Good Company"

With low-yield concentration, rich, supple black fruits and thick, chewy tannins, our Aglianico is aging into incredible form.

Sold Out.

6 bottles of our dance party in a bottle: "Heart Container" Sangiovese

Not just the world's best pizza wine, Heart Container is a juicy beast with sneaky depth that will surprise, delight and improve with time.

Sold Out.

4 bottles of our Syrah that thinks it's Burgundy

The purest, most fragrant form of Syrah found on this green Earth, Une Autre Fin Est Possible imagines a world where Syrah is the heartbreak grape.

Sold Out.

3 bottles of our Purple Angel: Untrue Cabernet Sauvignon

Frankly, this is an insane price for Diamond Mountain Cabernet. Classic Diamond Mountain moss & stone combined with plenty of lush, happy fruit.

Sold Out.

6 bottles of Upside-Down Chateauneuf: The Dream of Spring

6 bottles is merely the starting point for sensible purchases of this lush, aromatic central coast bombshell.

Sold Out.


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With apologies to any German wine purveyors…there is NO SEKT IN THE CHAMPAGNE ROOM! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Tell me about Stereophonic, but don't give me your whole life story!

Stereophonic is a creative partnership between friends - longtime retailer Jason Lefler and winemaker Aaron Jackson. Aaron has an incredible reputation as a protege of Justin Smith at Saxum Vineyards and a long track record of high-scoring wine.  

Together we tackle new ideas and attempt to make delicious wines with the potential to surprise and inspire.  Cabernet Sauvignon, Rhone varieties, Portuguese varieties, Sangiovese, aromatic whites...and that's just the first five vintages!

Wines from the future. Wines from a parallel universe. Stereophonic is where great wine and crazy ideas co-exist happily.  

You gotta have some Stereophonic in the cellar.  Let's have some fun!

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What are your shipping costs? $15 flat in CA, $25 flat West of the Rockies, $35 flat East of the Rockies. If you make multiple orders, I will credit the extra ship charges back to your card.
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No new vintage preorders?

Also, as a longtime huge fan of Stereophonic (my family knows it’s been a really good or a really bad day if one hits the table), I need to give a shoutout to the Carignane, “The Faster Blade.” My low key favorite of the last vintage and one of my all time Stereophonic faves, though the Cabs were wonderful as well. Also, Heart Container is what I give people I like enough to introduce to Stereophonic wines; $20/bottle is stupid for a wine of that quality.


Hi Eric,

I have a Chardonnay from Arroyo Grande that is almost ready but as it’s still TBD I will wait to offer that one! I’ll send out a pre-arrival offer to the mailing list when the time comes!

Order placed. Love the selection of champagnes, Jason! Nice touch. No one can complain there’s no old world wines on BD anymore :wink:

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Looking forward to it!

And that’s without even considering the ridiculous selection in our Monopole Cru offer… :exploding_head:

Thanks for calling out The Faster Blade. I really think it might be the best domestic Carignane I’ve ever had, and I’m pretty self-aware when it comes to comparing our wines. It just keeps developing day after day after day…it’s so packed with dense material compared to the average Carignane, and it’s still loaded with tannin, acid and spice. I think it’ll be good for a very, very long time.

:link:(And you can get it for 30% off with the code xx on our webshop by clicking this link!)

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As requested, tasting notes for all wines, sourced from CellarTracker, use the code BD15 to get 30% off any mix&match:


Tuesday, January 9, 2024 - Medium gold with just a slight amount of haze in the glass. Lovely fragrant nose- very high toned and full of minerals, chalkiness, some ocean spray, and fresh lemon oil. I expected a high-acid zing-monster in the mouth, and while high acid for sure, it is a bit fuller, rounder, softer than I expected. That’s a good thing! Tart green apple, fresh lemon, a touch of grapefruit pith with a core of stoniness running through the whole experience. Lovely finish with some refreshing bitterness. Very good stuff. Don’t believe the drink by 2023 date on CellarTracker. Especially under screw cap, this wine has miles to go. Well done!

6/22/2023 - GEAUX TIGERS LIKES THIS WINE:92 Points

This wine just fits my palate, the mouthfeel feel of a light crisp Chablis, viscous like a Semillon, with lemon custard, butterscotch, caramel, orange peel, and oyster shell on the nose as it warmed. A complete steal on price.


This is my third bottle of the Dream of Spring. Classic Paso, big mouthfeel and fruit but not over the top. Really like the inversion of a Syrah-dominated blend instead of Grenache. Deep color in the glass, smokiness and dark fruits on the nose and palate. Mourvedre and Petite Syrah complete the blend giving it more acidity, freshness and complementary tannins. A real winner, great for sipping on the porch.

1/23/2024 - JJYOYO LIKES THIS WINE:92 Points

Still very primary, has a sweet edge to it but that’s a matter of youth rather than too much extraction. I found the bouquet rather strong on florals, like a wave of violets. Oak is kept in reasonable proportions. Lots of plum / cherry on the palate. I really have no idea how this will evolve.
I liked this more and more as we drank it. At this stage of its life it struck me as a perfect gateway drug for people who like mid-priced blueberry milkshake Napa cabs — because that’s all they’ve ever had — and can take them somewhere a lot better. This wine had the non-threatening taste profile of wines that are inferior to it; however unlike, say, The Prisoner this also has interesting balance and just a little tension to it. And although it won’t scare the horses that doesn’t mean it’s boring - not at all. A crowd-pleasing wine in the best sense and maybe my favorite Stereophonic wine so far.
Score: 92. Relative to expectations: ++

1/26/2023 - MARKLA WROTE:

50% whole cluster. Nose is reserved on opening. In 15 minutes time, clove, cinnamon, black cherry, fig, black peppercorn, black rock, capsicum, and eucalyptus. An hour later it has really blossomed, adding creme de violette, juniper, and sandalwood soap.

On the palate, cream soda, juicy cherry, clove, rosemary, and cinnamon candy. Lighter on opening, it has put on textural weight. Plenty of lift and youthful grip on the finish with hints of cinnamon candy, black tea and, tobacco. Though, like initially with the nose, the wine is still holding back some of what it will eventually offer. Could use some time to let stems assimilate, but the raw material is very promising. An elegant Ballard Canyon and an excellent counterpoint to the Sebastiano. Try again Fall 2023+ (92-95pts).

11/23/2023 - MARKLA WROTE:

Kirsch, licorice, lavender, citrus peel, menthol, tar, violet, and crushed rock. Black-fruited and spicy with med-plus acidity. Spicy, tobacco finish with firm, ripe tannins. Additional air adds an impression of sweetness on the back end. Versatile food wine that only needs some time on its side (91+). Should drink comfortably for at least 10-15 years after.

Update: Much more enjoyable on the third day with no signs of decline.

10/11/2023 - ALPHA_ORI LIKES THIS WINE:91 Points

Nosewise: dark cherries at peak ripeness, plus some dried cherry notes. As it opens, there’s big spice box like a high end California Pinot, and a bit of liqueur as well. Maybe there’s some pink peppercorns in there, too? Underneath it all, a touch of vegetal notes – dry leaf and some tarragon.

Flavorwise, the palate echoes the cherry, leaf, and liqueur elements of the nose. It’s loose but not lacking in concentration; there’s a roundness to the it, but there’s just enough acid to hold it in shape. Let’s call it “New World balance”. The mouthfeel has a creaminess that’s kind of like licking the rind of a ripe wheel of brie. It retains a fine tannin, but said tannin is only very present at the end of the midpalate.

Temperature is important to this wine. I think it’s best between 60 and 65 degrees; normal cellar temp is a bit too cold for it to express its best self. In that range, you get a merlot-soft palate balanced by a bit of sour cherry tartness.

Sangiovese is one of the grapes that I feel exhibits the most extreme differences between wines made in their original terroir vs. their New World analogues. This is a wholly different beast from, say, a Chianti Classico, but it is nonetheless quite delicious and something I’m happy to have several more bottles of in my cellar.


Bright and invigorating are not words I usually associate with Cabernet Sauvignon, but they apply here. I might have thought there was a notable dash of Zinfandel in there to provide acidic zip, but the flavors were full Cabernet. The freshness made it easier to drink in quantity than most California Cabs, but I do need to get up for work tomorrow! Fun to drink now, and I might move to drink up while it’s in this enticing phase.

In for an order. Love the champagne selections!

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I had to go back and check that out! Somehow missed that. Yes, WOW!

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Corn Don’t Grow Malbec and Untrue Cab,


Thanks Derek! I’ve noticed several folks combining Stereophonic and Champagne orders together to get the same flat shipping rate which is very smart!

If you like Riesling and saving lots of money, I suggest Monopole Cru folks head over there right now!

Taking you up on the crazy Dream of Spring offer! Can’t wait to try it.

Can you post the ABV’s?

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For sure:

2018 Gruner: 12.8%
2019 Albarino: 13.8%
2020 Sangiovese: 13.5%
2018 Dream of Spring; 14.4%
2019 Diamond Mtn Cab: 14.2%
2021 Diamond Mtn Cab: 13.2%
2019 Paso Cab:14.3 %
2021 Paso Cab: 14.5%
2018 Syrah: 14.0%
2020 Syrah: 13.9%
2021 Carignane: 14.5%
2019 Malbec: 14.9%
2017 Aglianico: 14.5%
2021 If Eventually (Douro Blend): 14.0%

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Intro pack ordered. thanks!

thanks a bunch Todd!

Last year I picked up a mixed box. This year I had to get more of the Syrah!
Thanks for the offer Jason!

I need to ban Jason as he embarasses all other sellers with his listing

Also need to try the Diamond Mtn cab and malbec (more ‘WWJD’ options for my wife)