Steak Futures? 25% off PRE-ORDER Dry-Aged "Upper" Prime Black Angus

Dear Berserkers,

After quite a few requests, I recently decided to put a few of our Upper Prime Angus loins into the our friends dry-ageing room. Its a somewhat unique room as its been in operation for 20+ years and the owner swears it has it own terroir of bacterial spores and fungi. We just launched a “Futures” offer with 25% off pre-orders to our email list yesterday and I’ve got Boneless (16oz) and Bone-in (20oz) Strips and Ribeyes left plus a few Porterhouses (the Tomahawks old out but I’ve got more going in and will have inventory again in late November, early December). Steaks get cut the week of October 22nd and ship on Monday October 29th.

So, to recap: Boneless and Bone-in Ribeyes and Strip steaks plus a few Porterhouses available now on Upper Prime Black Angus – Holy Grail Steak Co. Use coupon code FUTURE in the checkout for 25% off your purchase. Orders over $199 ship free 2-day FedEx. PLEASE NOTE - STEAKS SHIP MONDAY OCTOBER 29TH.

These steaks are our of our “Upper” Prime Black Angus program which originates out of a single farm in Nebraska that raises all of its own feed (non-gmo, all natural, etc) and has a herd tightly-controlled Black Angus genetics. 95% of their inventory goes either to high-end steakhouses or export to Europe (they are one of only a handful qualified for EU). In short, this is a first-class operation with the best genetics, feed and animal husbandry. A cow only tastes as good as it was raised [thankyou.gif]

Just tried to put a cart together using the code FUTURES to no avail. Returned the following message: “This code did not match any active gift card or discount. Was it entered correctly?”

sorry, the code is FUTURE, not futures. My apologies!

That works!

It did work!

Cool - thanks gents!