Stainless Wine Racks

I’m fairly new to the WineBerserkers community since I only started collecting wine in earnest about a year ago.
I’ve had my own metal fabrication business for more than 25 years.
I have a passion for red wine in general and Bordeaux in particular.

My newest business venture is making built to order stainless steel wine racks.
For BerserkerDay VII I’m offering my entire product line at 16% off. Standard and custom sizes available.
No limit to quantity. These are to be built and may take up to 12 weeks or more to be delivered.
Paypal accepted on my website. Paypal will accept credit card payments if you don’t want to set up an account.
Use coupon code “berserkerday7” at checkout to apply the discount.
$1 shipping on full size units. Standard shipping on the tabletop unit. Continental US shipping only.
(Payments will go to CFR-Tangerine Racing Products, my LLC name)

Shop at: Stainless Wine Racks

A couple of things not shown on my website: A glass top surface can be added to the freestanding units; For tall storage locations two shorter units can be made stackable to simplify moving & installation; I’m testing a thermoelectric (no compressor to fail) cooling system which circulates cold water through plastic tubing inside the bottle hoops. (Early results are very good, with bottle temps held to +/- 1 degree.)

Feel free to post any questions and I’ll answer as quickly as possible.
If you need to speak with me, my cell # is: eight six oh, three oh six, nine nine one seven.

Here’s a good option for those who go big on BerserkerDay - need some place to store it, right??? I’d think these perfect for restaurant wine coolers, or big built-ins, or you lucky folks with a basement

Those racks look beautiful.

Ahhaha. Classic Corey.

They actually do though.

FYI Chris Foley has a cult-like following in the Porsche 914 world for his high quality car parts. I just bought a set of SS fuel lines from him last week. Small world.

Nice to meet you Steve. :slight_smile: I hadn’t made the connection, although I did notice your address is in Napa.
Your fuel line order still needs to be packaged up but is scheduled to ship today (I’m the shipping clerk and somehow don’t find time to wear that hat as often as the other hats I have to don every day :wink: ).

Nice work ! Do you have an option to add a “bottle seat belt” for those in earthquake zones?

I don’t have anything specific thought out in advance, but it would be very simple to add a bottle security feature.
The hoops already work well at keeping bottles from migrating forward.

My auto technician suggested rubber bands. If one per bottle isn’t secure enough, I’m sure two per would be.
Maybe I should work on an installation/removal tool. :smiley:

Thank you Peter M. !

I’m running a bit behind schedule, but here’s the upright rack I donated to the auction.
There’s a little welding still to do before it gets shipped.