Stainless Wine Racks by CFR

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Attractive modern design wine bottle storage, suitable for your wine cellar or your living room.
Fully welded architectural stainless steel construction.
Champagne bottles fit bottle hoop spacing.A thermoelectric cooling system which uses water circulation (not compressor based) is available for units placed in an enclosed space.
Last year someone asked about earthquake proofing. I have a simple method of securing bottles to prevent them from falling out.The deals for Berserkerday 2017 are:* Take 16% off any custom designed wine rack or a Countertop 12 bottle rack.
Only the tabletop units are in stock. Everything else is to be built.
Website Coupon code - berserkerday8* Take $600 off a Standard Highboy unit. - I have one of these in progress.
Website Coupon Code - berserker8highboy* Take $610 off a Standard Lowboy unit. - These are stackable to build 6ft high racking.
Website Coupon Code - berserker8lowboy
No limit on quantity.The Online Store accepts Paypal only.
I can take credit card payments by phone during business hoursCountertop 12 bottle Wine Rack

Standard Highboy (5ft tall) Wine Rack - holds 105 bottles

Standard Lowboy (3ft tall) Wine Rack - holds 108 bottles, stackable (prototype shown)In Living Room

Enclosed Storage below workbench in Unfinished Basement - Cooling System in use

Folks, these are, essentially, functional works of art!

I won the 105 bottle rack in last year’s auction and cannot believe the fit and finish. It’s nonpariel.

The look is clean as hell. It looks architectural and not like some commercial product.

I will try to get a pic tonight, but if you are on the fence now, just jump at it. It is going to eventually be my cellar’s “anybody can drink from this rack” rack…so it is cool to set it apart from other racks and does not seem out of place.

I’ve practiced with pinot/burgundy bottles, some Turleys, the usuals, and no fit problems.

Packing and shipping were problem free.

Please feel free to hit me with any questions.

I love mine.

I’m not seeing a link to your online store. Is it posted?
Thank you!

The link is the purple text right below my logo. :slight_smile:

I bought the 12-bottle countertop rack last Berserker Day and am still loving it.

I’m going a little crazy with magnums lately, it seems - do you have a magnum rack??

I haven’t designed one yet, but it’s only a matter of time. How many bottles would you want it to hold?

Not sure - maybe 9? 3 rows of 3? Perhaps 12? Not sure where I’d stash it but thinking I have this closet under the staircase that might work well…