Stagecoach Vineyard Sold to...........E&J Gallo

I have always love the vineyard and the fruit it produced.

I really like wines from this vineyard. I wonder how long-term most of the contracts are. Glad they are honoring them but what does that really mean. Overall, I look at it as sad news.

+1 If I see Stagecoach on a label I will try it.
Calling Karen Troisi…

Well, Monte Rosso’s juice is history for the outside buyers and probably within 5 years we can kiss Stagecoach goodbye too.

Gallo = The Borg [scratch.gif]

Surprised but not surprised… the vineyard is worth a fortune. I always imagined it would be Paul Hobbs that bought it but Gallo makes sense given their very deep pockets.

Here’s hoping you can continue to make wine from Stagecoach.

We have a contract Steve so for now nothing changes.

What does Gallo intend to do with this property? How does it fit into their overall portfolio?

I am just a dumb lawyer from Ohio but I would never tell a client of mine that they are 100% safe because they have a contract. Do you not recall those “deep pockets” you reference? Do you believe that after a legal battle subject to your prevailing on the establishment of damages that Gallo would not be able to afford to pay your damages? I always say “contracts are meant to be broken” with a wry look on my face.

That’s an extremely valid point. I’m guessing some or even most winemakers are aware of those realities, though there may be a difference between that awareness and what they acknowledge publically.

Death Star

I guess I’ve never been terribly excited by the wines that come from this vnyd…though I’ve not had the full range. Mostly the Rhones.
The Stagecoach Syrah and Viognier I that were good…but just that…and way overpriced. Probably the best wine I’ve had has been
been Steve & Carole’s GretnaGreen Viog/Rouss blend.

This is only the second time Gallo has taken over anything that I shop for (I used to drink J sparklers.)

Easy call, for me, I will trend off those wines. (Apologies to contracted winemakers, but Gallo has a gangster-style history and I gotta draw my lines somewhere.)

Gallo’s ‘portfolio’…

Yes, yes, I already know I am an under-informed dope, thanks.

The Viader DARE wines from there were killer.

Are all those estates owned by Gallo, or are those commingling producers they distribute as well? I’d never known Renato Ratti had a relationship with Gallo.

They own Brancaia as well.

Gallo doesn’t own Brancaia (or Ratti.) They’re just their US distributer.

Sad news, but I’m 99% sure Bart and Jan were preparing for the fact that the kids didn’t want to take on ownership. And they don’t really need the money either.

The article reads more like a press release than news, which drives me nuts.

It also says “It is also the largest contiguous vineyard in Napa”. Isn’t that false? Isn’t To Kalon the biggest?

Bought it for $5000ish per acre, what do you think it went for now? Wow, congratulations to them on their foresight.

I stand corrected.