stacking pallets with Stelvin closures

When I was in Washington a couple of months ago, two winemakers told me something that I had never heard, and it seemed very odd to me. They said they don’t bottle under screwcap because if pallets get stacked too high (I think they said anything above 3 high) it will damage the caps. When I got to thinking about that later, it made no sense to me. How the heck would large producers in New Zealand be avoiding this in various warehouses around the world? Can anyone tell me from experience whether or not there’s any truth to what I was told?

I have herd the same thing. I don’t bottle under scewcap so not sure as to its accuracy. I have herd horror stories about stacking higher than 3 then when unstacking some seepage occurring as the tin cap is deformed by the glass. That makes some sense if the bottles are upside down like with cork finished wine.

I was just thinking that Meiomi is under screwcap too. I can’t imagine that isn’t getting stacked high in warehouses. Hopefully some other people will weigh in.

In this instance, the RS seals the damaged closures in a manner analogous to Fix-A-Flat.

It is recommended not to go over three high for the reasons mentioned, and those of us who do bottle under screw caps stick with that recommendation. That said, I have no idea what a ‘mega producer’ would do . . .